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Add 'remove' / 'delete' and 'rename' parameters for 'hs filemanager' CMS CLI tool

Right now the filemanager has options for 'fetch' and 'upload' and since FTP/SFTP isn't supported anymore.


I was hoping the new CMS CLI tool would at least cover the basics of dealing with files in the File Manager (not Design Manager), like we could with FTP in the past.


For the past 15 years I use many own tools to externally update our previous website (non-Hubspot based) with tiny textual/files snippets for efficient and precise updates, instead of having to go to brower, click a lot of buttons, do work and repeat it all, introducing a lot of unwanted steps, wasted time - just to do simple file operations like delete or rename a specific file.


I noticed that "hs remove" is available, but currently that will only work with path/files inside the Design Manager, so hopefully this would be an easy task for the Hubspot team to implement towards File Manager as well.