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Add "open all links in new tab" function

Is it possible to add an "open all links in new tab" function for blogs? As of now, the default is to have the links open in the same window — if you want a link to open in a new tab, you must manually select each individual link to change the default setting.


For research-heavy blogs, on average we spend an hour per blog solely on clicking on each external link to open in a new tab. As users, since this function is already provided, it would be more efficient to have the option to apply this to an entire body of text.


For our team, this would save us a ton of time. If we could apply this to the entire body to begin with, we could get it done in less than 10 minutes. 


Here, you can find a previous HubSpot forum with a similar idea — other people have continuously been experiencing this same issue since 2017. And in terms of SEO, if you’re opening external links in the same tab as your site, this affects both you and your users. 


The optimal user experience would be for the external link to open in a new tab, and for the blog reader to continue reading the post, going back to the other tab later. Otherwise, once the reader leaves your website, they likely won’t make it back. 


In fact, this HubSpot blog states “opening a link in a new browser window, as opposed to the window they are currently in (your website) makes it less likely that a user will permanently abandon your website for the one you linked to.” 


All companies are different. Optimal experiences are different. Workflows are different. We should have the option to decide what works best for us and our clients while having the tools to make our workflow easier


If we can change link behavior on CTAs manually, why not allow a default setting?

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This would save our editors a lot of time 🙂

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It would be extremely helpful to have a default function for the links!


I wholeheartedly support this idea. It seems like it has been a painpint for customers for 7+ years and implementing this feature could save customers a lot of time (considering some of our articles can have 10+ links that you need to individualy click on). It's also important to consider that not everyone creates material straight in HubSpot. If you create in Word with open in new window setting, HubSpot does not retain this information. Dreamweaver HTML does not always do that either. Having the ability to automatically default to a certain setting would save time. I understand the accessibility concerns, however, as others noted there are other experience concerns as well. This should be a choice left to customer discretion.