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Add "is more than" X [days/months] ago option to every Date Property in Workflows

There are many ideas and community posts regarding this topic, but until the issue is resolved, putting forth another Idea to show the importance of this capability. 

HubSpot says it is an inbound nurture platform - basic capability should be to allow Users to build Nurture Workflows for anything "stale" eg. email Contacts on a Deal stage when the Deal Last Modified Date is 60 or 90+ days ago and the Opportunity Stage is X....


The is an inconsistency across Date Properties in Workflows - some contain this option (is more than or less than X days/month, etc. ago) eg. "Recent Conversion Date" and some do not "Deal Last Modified Date" 


Please Hubspot, add this capability across all Date Properties! None of us has the time to go and update the date every single day in order to acheive "rolling" date functionality 🙂