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Add "Time" field type for custom property

It would be great if we could have a custom field type that was for "time." 


This property would let me select the time for an appointment as well as the time zone.


It would help when trying to create workflows to trigger based off appointment times, not just the dates. 


For example, 2 hours after the scheduled appointment, tell sales to do ____, remind marketing to ____. 


Just having the day of the appointment is too broad.

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February 24, 2022 08:25 AM

Hi all, I'm Shay from the CRM product team.


We're not working on this idea actively today. However, this is a awesome idea and we will definitely consider it for the future.  

But please keep the input coming because we're reading every comment on this thread.

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This would be an extremely useful feature!


This would be so helpful!! 

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From a management perspective, this type of property is crucial with our teams working remote.


To be able to build reporting that would tell us employee activity and production by the hour, instead of by the day, would be an essential feature for us.


Was my employee productive before 10:00 AM? After 3:00 PM? Did they take a lunch or did they work each hour of the day? This would be incredibly helpful!


Any update on this guys?

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Agreed! Would love to see this. 

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This would be very helpful for workflows and for registrations. 



Please add a time property and relative workflows ASAP! 😞

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+1 from me.

Great idea, we recently wanted to start adding arrival/departure times of flights into our portals.


  • Create a time property
    • Allow the property to be either 12h AM?PM or 24h
    • Maybe allow the setting of a timezone against it 
    • Having workflows that can act off of time properties
    • Be usable in filters for lists, etc

Absolutely essential, we're having to use other tools and bolt these on to Hubspot to try and get it to work the way we need.


The booking tool needs a complete overhaul in my opinion. We need to be able to have workflows, sms reminders and email reminders customised for this process.


If the purpose is to keep all our data within HubSpot to track user engagement its not working.


Definitely required - we are building a customer database and there is no way to record what their operating times are, which is critical as it helps us determine when is the best time to contact them!


Given that a lot of the Date/TimeStamp fields in Hubspot (ticket created time, etc.) are actually capturing the Time...

It seems like an oversight that workflows/automation can only be set to trigger on the date portion of the TimeStamp, and not also have an option to trigger on time.


It'd be very helpful to be able to set up workflows that used If/Then branching logic based on time-of day...


e.g., "If time is between 8am-5pm ET, then round-robin assign ticket ownership to team X; if between 5-10pm ET, assign to team Y" and so-on.


just giving a bump to this request and also wondering how people have worked around this?


Agreed! I am trying to have a form allow for folks to choose a preferred time for a live demo within the form....If I do it as open text I have no way of creating sensible workflows or automated email objects. We have no control over the content if we use an open single line of text...

I want to avoid emails that read, "Hi there, does [11 am ish is it possible to do this in the morning?] still work for you?"


Kind of unbelievable this is still not available!

And not a single comment from Hubspot about it, why?


We need to use the time even when we have time values inside hUbSpot we are not able to use that why?


Need this for meeting time reminders, with workflows and Sakari!


This would be very helpful for appointment tracking.


We would also love to have this. We moved over from ZoHo which had a "best time to call" field we used often, and it's been highly requested by our team since we migrated.

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We really need this! It is stopping us from working more effectively


I agree!