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Add "Time" field type for custom property

It would be great if we could have a custom field type that was for "time." 


This property would let me select the time for an appointment as well as the time zone.


It would help when trying to create workflows to trigger based off appointment times, not just the dates. 


For example, 2 hours after the scheduled appointment, tell sales to do ____, remind marketing to ____. 


Just having the day of the appointment is too broad.

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February 24, 2022 08:25 AM

Hi all, I'm Shay from the CRM product team.


We're not working on this idea actively today. However, this is a awesome idea and we will definitely consider it for the future.  

But please keep the input coming because we're reading every comment on this thread.

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Thanks in general for an update. But since this is over 1 year old could you say if things changed? 


Also in general @hubspot could you please provide us with an answer why this is not possible? Because via API a timestamp is saved to a date property. Also there is an Option to add delays in minutes / hours etc. after something happened. So all we ask for is to have a separate timefield which can then be used for these delays (for example 2 hours before | 2 hourse after a certain time). 

I can find at least 2 Threads here about this topic. Here is the second one: 

Both combined have over 500 Upvotes. So you can defitnitely say this is one of the highly request features on here. You claim that you will aim to implement the ideas with the most upvotes first. But all we got is a info "not working on this but awesome idea, we consider it..." and this update is 1 1/2 years old in a Thread that exists for over 4 years.

So please at least tell us what is the big road blocker here and why the reason for not implementing this is big enough to disappoint a lot of paying customers with working on a basic feature which all of your competitors have since the beginning?

Openness and giving context can help to clear up a lot of the frustrations that we as your customers have.


I also would find this very useful.


Heyo we need meeting time reminders - both email and text. It's 2024 y'all, let's get with it.  

Specifically a "time" field property so when meeting times and dates come over from Salesforce, they can trigger a text or email reminder in Hubspot.

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Useful feature!

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Need for this feature to track qualitative info regarding market. Use case: a field that track what time a client visited a physical store

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We need this


Still need a time option for a property that doesn't rely on using API. Thanks!


It is shocking that you can't save times we just purchased hubspot and are going to cancel because of this.  Other CRMs do offer this


How come this is not available in 2024 ?


How has this not been added yet if this was discussed in 2019!

Very useful for many parts of the business. 


It's 2024. Let's go Hubspot. Launch a time field.


@hubspot the datetime field is basic and should've been included years ago.  We shouldn't have to rely on API workarounds, hacks, etc.  It's 2024 - let's make this a reality.