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Add "Time" field type for custom property

It would be great if we could have a custom field type that was for "time." 


This property would let me select the time for an appointment as well as the time zone.


It would help when trying to create workflows to trigger based off appointment times, not just the dates. 


For example, 2 hours after the scheduled appointment, tell sales to do ____, remind marketing to ____. 


Just having the day of the appointment is too broad.

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February 24, 2022 08:25 AM

Hi all, I'm Shay from the CRM product team.


We're not working on this idea actively today. However, this is a awesome idea and we will definitely consider it for the future.  

But please keep the input coming because we're reading every comment on this thread.

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Would be great to have




This is certainly needed but I do have a slight work around for this :


I create a list of times (can be in excel) 



Then I create a new property using Dropdown Select. Then select 'Load Options', then 'Paste in your own options'.


Then paste in your times.


This will then create a drop down list of times you can select.


Hope this helps 🙂 


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Hey team,


I recently added a temporary workaround for this challenge.

Set up

  • Set up 4 properties
    • "Time" - Single-line text property
    • "Hour" - Number property
    • "Minute" - Number property
    • "AM/PM" - Dropdown property with values "AM" and "PM"
  • Set up 1 workflow
    • Enrolment criteria (re-enrolment turned on for all)
      • "Hour" is known
      • "Minute" is known
      • "AM/PM" is known
    • If/Then branch - IF Minute is between 0 and 9, go to branch 1, else go to branch 2.
      • Branch 1
        • Action
          • Set property value for "Time" to "{{ Hour }}:0{{ Minute }}{{ AM/PM }}" using tokens.
      • Branch 2
        • Action
          • Set property value for "Time" to "{{ Hour }}:{{ Minute }}{{ AM/PM }}" using tokens.
  • Form
    • Add the hour, minute and AM/PM properties as a row into the form.
      • Set the hour property to have a limit to the numbers accepted
        • Minimum 1
        • Maximum 12
      • Set the minute property to have a limit to the numbers accepted
        • Minimum 0
        • Maximum 59
    • Set all 3 fields to mandatory


  • You'll have a form that contains 3 fields for your contacts to fill out the exact time they want, without the need for millions of dropdowns.
    • 8:05AM
    • 12:47PM
    • Etc
  • The workflow will combine the values into a single field for you to use.
  • Branch 1 of the workflow adds a 0 before the minute where it's a single digit number (0-9), otherwise you'd end up with 8:5AM instead of 8:05AM.



  • The resulting time property is single line, which limits any filtering you'd use in numbers, etc. You'd be forced to use value contains "10:" and "AM" to find times for 10am as an example.
  • There are no filters around time, so you wouldn't be able to look for "Time after 10am" for example
  • Having 3 fields requires that all the fields are filled in rather than 1. This would force you to make them all mandatory which doesn't always work out in a form where it should be optional.

These limitations are the main reasons I'd still be requesting the property type from Hubspot in the future, but hopefully it helps you all in the meantime.




Workflow actions and branch




Form fields in a row



Form number limit




Need this to trigger workflows to assign deals based on the time they get created. Much needed.


Sounds really important,


Definitely need! 


This would be awesome to have!  It actually surprises me that there currently isn't a way to enter time values from an end-user perspective.


Much needed field type. Would help a lot with keeping track of meetings and workflows