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Add "Time" field type for custom property

It would be great if we could have a custom field type that was for "time." 


This property would let me select the time for an appointment as well as the time zone.


It would help when trying to create workflows to trigger based off appointment times, not just the dates. 


For example, 2 hours after the scheduled appointment, tell sales to do ____, remind marketing to ____. 


Just having the day of the appointment is too broad.

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I agree. It is absolutely essential to work on integrations with Zappier or Integromat

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Hi all, I'm Shay from the CRM product team.


We're not working on this idea actively today. However, this is a awesome idea and we will definitely consider it for the future.  

But please keep the input coming because we're reading every comment on this thread.

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Hey folks, did you know you can actually create datetime fields in Hubspot? The thing is you can't create them through the interface. You need to do so through API. Fortunately, Hubspot's API docs are set up so that you can do this without too much coding knowledge. See this short video:


After recording I did realise that Hubspot only lets you evaluate whether a date property is X days or months before, after etc., not hours or minutes. So this may not cover all use cases mentioned here, but might still help some folks!


EDIT: As mentioned in the video, here's a list of objecttype values to enter if you're creating datetime on different objects from contacts:


Bob2245 this is great stuff thank you!!


Thank you @Bob2245 for sharing your solution.


Can you please clarify if your solution creates a datetime property for each contact, containing a timestamp for whenever the property was generated via API?  And will it be overwritten when regenerating the property?

I still struggle to think how this will help our team achieve what we want to do - we want to update certain Contact properties on the 1st day of each calendar month, preferably at a specific time (eg. 3:01am in the morning at a certain timezone).  This means we need to schedule specific workflows to run at that time.  I am not sure how setting up a datetime property would help us achieve this goal?


I am also unsure if upgrading to an Enterprise license will give us access to more options?  We are migrating our HubSpot to a global instance which will be using an Enterprise license - and we are not sure what additional features come with Enterprise licenses in regards to scheduling workflows.

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@TJWright What I demonstrated creates a datetime property for all contacts, exactly like it would be if you created a custom property in Hubspot itself. The only difference is this will create a property capable of storing the time as well as the date. How you update the property with data is entirely up to you.


As for your use case, scheduling workflows is part of Operations Hub Pro and up since a few weeks. This will let you set a schedule for a workflow and it will enroll any records that meet the trigger every time that schedule is met. 


There might be a non-Operations Hub way to do this, which is slightly more hacky and ugly, but should work. But I need more details on your use case. If you're interested, feel free to DM me - let's not pollute the Idea thread 😉


100% Agree.  We've created a custom property called "Deal Response Time" to see how long it takes for the team to take action on a new lead but currently it's only comparing two dates and when they're the same, it's flawed information. 

Having specific times for when the Deal was created first the First Activity Date (another custom field we created) would allow us to have accurate information.


Yes, it's a lovely suggestion!!!

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Still wondering why we have to beg to have time as a field type option


Upvote - I have had to create a workaround using a dropdown field 



How did you do that? I tried but it would timestamp it at midnight of the date in question.

Adding my upvote here. Sometimes proposals are due by a specific time. Would like to be able to track that in the deal.



This is an issue that we run into frequently, and something that clients can tell is lacking. 

I hope that you can start to work on this field type soon, as it is a key part of having usable time data from appointements and integrations. 


- Liz


Yes please add time within the date time property especially when doing integration work with HubSpot


This should get started! Appointment times are necessary to track!


I want to be able to store the time of an appointment on a deal, i.e. the time that our saleperson is scheduled to meet the customer.  But I don't seem to be able create a property that has a time value.

When you book an appointment, you do also have to select a time.

I'm asking for a specific property that can be used to better calculate the time between two events.

For example, when a Deal is created to the time of first contact.


Hi @Colin_Perry , we generally use custom text properties or drop downs for this purpose. As myself and others have identified here, it is clearly far from the ideal solution, but at least you can have an idea of the meeting times for your salespeople, and use them as mandatory/triggering properties in deals.