Add "Snippets" to the Gmail and other mail client extension

It would be interesting if Hubspot Snippets can be integrated with the email linked to it. I assume like me, many others maybe still using their email client to communicate with their contacts, clients instead of Hubspot's email feature. No doubt, I'm in aww with the snippet feature but integration to email clients would be an added bonus and add advantage to Hubspot's feature list. Does anyone from the community thinks likewise?

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Hi SVF, thanks for sharing this idea!

I have to agree, writing a lot of emails every day, I used many different text expanders in the past (Firefox and Chrome extensions, software on computer) and that could be a great addition to HubSpot's feature list.

Gladly upvoted!

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Hi Emmanuel, Many thanks for sharing your views and the upvote.

I hope this request gets noticed and be available soon.

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Shine Fernandes

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Hi @EmmanuelC,


It would be great if HubSpot could add the snippet function to the O365 email extension. Do you know if this is being developed?





HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi everyone!


The ability to add snippets to your emails is available for the Chrome extension and the Outlook desktop add-in. In Gmail, when you open up a compose window, there is a button that says "More". Clicking on this dropdown menu will bring you to your Snippets. In Outlook, open a compose window and right-click anywhere in the email body. You should see a Snippets option in the menu that appears.


It isn't currently possible to insert Snippets via a shortcut (using the "#" symbol). If you're interested in this, please vote on this ideas forum for that specific idea. Additionally, Snippets isn't currently available for our Office 365 add-in. If you'd like this feature, please create a separate ideas forum post (I wasn't able to find an existing one).