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Add "Show country code dropdown menu" option to meeting bookings

In all other forms when adding a phone number, there is a toggle to allow 'Show country code dropdown menu'




This is super useful as it allows our sales team to know the full dialling number of who they need to get in touch with.


However, when configuring meetings, this is not an option - meaning our team need to do additional checks/research to confirm the country dialling code.


It would be great if this could be added as it'd be a huge timesaver for us.

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I second this. Country code is available for all forms except the meeting booking forward (when you are often using a phone...)


The lack of country code results in quite a bit of DB housekeeping for the team with every lead that books a call (manually adding the country code so the data is correct)


Yes please, do it now Hubspot. Thanks!


Same for us! 


Please add! This is a major issue for us, as we have a bunch of international leads and these folks just hate to add their country code. We don't want to create a separate property for it, as that'll cause problems fusing the complete number for other processes we have.

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Posting on behalf of a customer, who has an issue with users entering non-number characters in the phone number field. 

On top of a country code, it would be good to also have number validation for phone number fields in the Meetings form tool!

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Hey team! Would love to have this for customers too. While we can potentially redirect customers from form submission to meeting link; if this is a new customer, they would have to fill up their particulars twice. This would result in lower conversation rate.

As such, having the phone validation within the meeting form itself would be ideal. Thank you!


Dear HubSpot team,


This would add value for many as the lead scoring could then also be done by country etc.


Thank you!


Dear Hubspot,


please add this feature to make your platform more smooth to use. One of the main needs with a meeting link form is to be able to contact the leads, and it adds a lot of friction not to be able to have a complete and correct phone number, when country code is lacking. 


Looking forward to having this feature embedded very soon, as it already exists in general contact forms. Thank you!


Please update the field. It messes up our contact data collection. 


Please add!  We're having to reformat phone numbers constantly because of this.  It causes problems even with your own SMS integration partners, who need country code for their outbound messages. Not having country code in meeting links is killing us!


We are also looking forward to this feature as well. It is very time consuming for our sales team to search for possible country codes to contact a potential customer. This feature is already included in the forms section. Implementing it in a regular Hubspot meeting shouldn't take much work and would take a lot of work away and be another step away from other meeting tools to HubSpot.

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Hi Team, had a customer who brought this up too. It's odd that we have this available for forms now but not in meeting forms and having it would really save the manual work needed to change/edit phone numbers submitted from this into the international format.