Add "Never Track" option for emails

We can currently block emails from being logged on the CRM to specified emails/wildcards. It would be good to be able to do the same for the email tracking feature (Being notified when a contact opens an email).



  • We don't get unnecessary notifications pinging off for certain recipients that never need tracking
  • Prevent any potential issues with inter-organisation emails. Like it or not, some staff will 'monitor' other staff's response time to their emails, it's not very conducive to a great working environment in some cases!


Never Track.png


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+1. Just got pinned internally by my boss because of it. Never track is more important than never log to me.
Occasional Contributor

This would be so helpful!  I also agree with the comment that never tracking is much more important than never logging- to make sure we are GDPR complaint (without turning on the functionality for ALL contacts).

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+1 - we need this for the same reasons as above. Also, tracking internal emails can get in the way of tracking emails from leads (especially if internal emails are never useful to be tracked).