Add "Never Track" option for emails

We can currently block emails from being logged on the CRM to specified emails/wildcards. It would be good to be able to do the same for the email tracking feature (Being notified when a contact opens an email).



  • We don't get unnecessary notifications pinging off for certain recipients that never need tracking
  • Prevent any potential issues with inter-organisation emails. Like it or not, some staff will 'monitor' other staff's response time to their emails, it's not very conducive to a great working environment in some cases!


Never Track.png


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+1. Just got pinned internally by my boss because of it. Never track is more important than never log to me.
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This would be so helpful!  I also agree with the comment that never tracking is much more important than never logging- to make sure we are GDPR complaint (without turning on the functionality for ALL contacts).