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Add "Line items" properties in workflows triggers and content

It would be very usefull to have data of the "Line items" available in workflows triggers and content.


For example,
1/ when I have a 'won deal', I'd like to send an automated email, and in this email add details of the Lines items related to the deal


2/ I would like to automatically update some deal properties depending on what Lines items have been attached to the deal


Hope you can manage to implement this soon !

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Hello @MAgosta,


Although I cannot find that line item detail can be included in email, I did just finish building out automations to update deal properties based on line items.


I used a deal based workflow, then set enrollment triggers based upon line items added to the deal. In my case, I used SKU numbers. Ex: when a deal is associated with any line item where SKU = 1.1234, set property value for deal target object X to value Y.


For non-value properties, I have these fields update when the deal stage is known, then re-enroll when the deal moves to a closing stage to ensure changes are captured. For value properties, I have them update when the property is known, so any time the value changes it drives a re-enrollment.


This is using SalesHub Enterprise, not sure if that is what you are using. Hope this helps!


Thanks @courtney_hickey for your idea ! I'll try this way !

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I like the hack from @courtney_hickey - but I can see how your request would be a great easy-button feature @MAgosta. Upvoting!