Add "Last Modified By" Column to File Manager

As with any content management system, file organization is paramount. With a growing number of people having upload rights in our portal, and teams beyond marketing gaining access (sales, customer service, etc.), we need to have a way to track down who "owns" files.

  • When a file is uploaded, we need to be able to identify who did so.
  • When duplicate files appear, we need to know who to contact to reconcile the files and eliminate duplicates.
  • When files are named or filed incorrectly, we need to know who to speak with to change the behavior.
  • When a file is replaced, we need to be able to identify who took that action.  

As far as I can conceptualize, the easiest way to do this is to add a "Last Modified By" column to the file manager. All file management systems have this, so it would make sense for HubSpot to do the same.

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