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Add "Compliance Copy Email" feature to Transactional Email

My company is using HubSpot's Transactional Email (manually now, but working on API) to send transactional emails with invoice/contact information specific to each recipient. Our Customer Support team has encountered a couple situations where it would've been extremely helpful to have an exact copy of the email as it appeared to the recipient


I.e. "Compliance Copy Email"


However, asking HubSpot Support, it seems as though Compliance Copy Email only works for Marketing Emails. 


Customers that have Transactional Email should also have the ability to have a "Compliance Copy Email" for the same reasons the feature is provided to Marketing Emails.

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This is a big need for us also, all our sales teams and services teams can't access the content our client received. And we are not able to check if our custom property is working.