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Add products created by eCommerce integrations to HubSpot Deals and Quotes

Our Shopify integration currently creates product listings in the Product Library. However, Shopify products cannot be added to deals created in HubSpot that are not syncing to Shopify. Only deals that were created by the Shopify integration can be associated with Shopify products. This applies to products synced over from other ecommerce integrations as well.


If you see value in being able to do this, please upvote and comment below with details on the use case you have for doing this in addition to the Shopify orders sync!

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This is exactly what we have now as our major issue regarding Hubspot. We thought at first instance that we'd be able to use the ecommerce products of our on-line shop to make deals in hubspot from the sales team, as our clients can purchase our products either through e-commerce or through a call with the sales vendor. 


How a sales vendor can't make a deal for a contact who calls asking for some product that we have online using THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT that is already on the e-commerce integration?? This is what makes no sense at all.


This is a serious issue as for this matter but also for the capacity to import our previous deals. We can't use the import tool with all the data we ALREADY have because we can't select the products from the e-commerce integration.  The solution we get right now is that we need to create two separate product's library, meaning we need to sync two differents  "tables" if we don't want everything to go through the ecommerce API, and that, as you would image, is quite difficult.


Hope this message could make a real impact on this petition. Thanks in advance.

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Hello team,


The current set up is prevent sales reps from using hubspot because they cant add the proper product to their deals.


I am currently trying to help a hubspot customer integrate their woocommerce store with hubspot. this is causing a lot of friction with the customer because they now have to manually upload the products and felt a lot of frustration from the time they spent trying to figure out what was going on. Thanks for reading 🙂


We are still waiting to get a real integration with QuickBooks since it is useless to bring products into HubSpot if you are not able to use those products for adding line items to a del or even more disturbing is not being able to add these QucikBooks items to a quote. Having to duplicate the work to have these items available in HubSpot makes me question why the costs are so high for a product that can't do the simple integration with a very popular accounting package.


any update on this with Magento? currently we use Unific to import products.


I agree, please add this asap.


Our use case is that when we joined HubSpot, our WooCommerce product library was already built out. Being able to use that as our common library would save a lot of time that might have to be spent re-creating the same products in HubSpot. 





Chez Oé nous aurions besoin de cette possibilité,


Nous avons besoin de créer des devis via Hubspot, et nous ne pouvons pas pour le moment car les produits crée sur Shopify ne peuvent pas être sélectionnés dans la bibliothèque Hubspot et donc pas être ajouté à nos devis Hubspot,


This would be really great. Our comapny has a Shopify eCommerce website and we currently create draft orders, turn those draft orders into customer quotes, then send an invice with a buy now button to customers once they've agreed to the quote. That transaction takes place on our Shopify site, but unfortnately, none of this really tracks super well in HubSpot. We have the different stages in our pipeline "Quote Sent, Invoice Sent, Closed - Won," but for our team to be able to do this al through HubSpot would be great! We'd love the ability to create quotes using products synced with our Shopify store. Even better if the customer could click a button and go to the Shopify checkput, too.

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Yes, we can't use products for our various salesperson pipelines because they are restricted to our ecommerce pipeline.  Nor can we create duplicate items because it won't allow duplicate skus.  Please advise on fix.  

I am just shocked that this is still not resolved with HubSpot since there
are so many people using QuickBooks and trying to make lives easier to
manage products only in ONE place and not duplicating work. This was the
whole point of HubSpot.....make things more automated
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@ethankopit - any update on this? would be great to have this functionality?


we definitely need this feature, too.


I'll admit to being very surprised that this functionality is not available already!!  
We've been limited in how quickly we are able to use HubSpot due to product integration issues via our woo plugin and I'm concerned this lack of functionality will reduce the useful of HubSpot for a business with multiple pipelines that share products.  Why would I have to create duplicate products for deals in a different pipeline or to use in Quotes??


Please prioritise adding the functionality for products created by eCommerce integrations to be added to HubSpot Deals and Quotes.


It's nearly three years - any chance of an update?

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Any updates on this? Many thanks!

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On behalf of another customer, this function would be ideal, both for Shopify and other integrations such as Magenta. Hoping for an update soon!

HubSpot Product Team

This feature will be coming in early January. Stay tuned! 


😀YES! A vital part of what is needed.


Please allow for quotes made in HubSpot to sync back to WooCommerce at the same time.


More than happy to assist with some Beta Testing!


How close are we to having this done?


Enable also the WooCommerce integration of product items to be further used with quote feature.


In order to ease the import of the huge variety of product items sub-data, it could be interesting, at the end of data import process (with file import) to get a pop-up that ask you to root one kind of data to another when they are not recognized automatically.


Either you suggest a sequential form like data check process. The user is ask 1 data type by 1, what is the correspondance across HubSpot ones and validate/select/modify  the dimension (kg/m/qty/€/... ) + the way to display it (Accounting/scientific/... )


Either, as a user I would like also to be able to click on a CTA (Check rooting 1 by 1) that will display all data types from the integration appears on the left of the screen (like tiles I can move up and down) and one the left the HubSpot available data types (tiles as well). 

Search bar available at the top of each data type columns to easily find across millions of Hubspot' ones.

The user draw some links between the two data type columns in a visual way. => When a link is drawn between two, a popup appears to validate/select/modify  the dimension (kg/m/qty/€/... ) and the way to display it (Accounting/scientific/... )



Advantages :

- do not force companies to migrate to Shopify to be able to use quote features => Kill an new customer entrance barrier => Acquisition +

- allow current customers NOT to be locked with Shopify because of HubSpot => Lower induced corporate constraints on customers => Market fit +