Add products created by eCommerce integrations to HubSpot Deals and Quotes


Our Shopify integration currently creates product listings in the Product Library. However, Shopify products cannot be added to deals created in HubSpot that are not syncing to Shopify. Only deals that were created by the Shopify integration can be associated with Shopify products. This applies to products synced over from other ecommerce integrations as well.


If you see value in being able to do this, please upvote and comment below with details on the use case you have for doing this in addition to the Shopify orders sync!

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This is exactly what we have now as our major issue regarding Hubspot. We thought at first instance that we'd be able to use the ecommerce products of our on-line shop to make deals in hubspot from the sales team, as our clients can purchase our products either through e-commerce or through a call with the sales vendor. 


How a sales vendor can't make a deal for a contact who calls asking for some product that we have online using THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT that is already on the e-commerce integration?? This is what makes no sense at all.


This is a serious issue as for this matter but also for the capacity to import our previous deals. We can't use the import tool with all the data we ALREADY have because we can't select the products from the e-commerce integration.  The solution we get right now is that we need to create two separate product's library, meaning we need to sync two differents  "tables" if we don't want everything to go through the ecommerce API, and that, as you would image, is quite difficult.


Hope this message could make a real impact on this petition. Thanks in advance.


Hello team,


The current set up is prevent sales reps from using hubspot because they cant add the proper product to their deals.


I am currently trying to help a hubspot customer integrate their woocommerce store with hubspot. this is causing a lot of friction with the customer because they now have to manually upload the products and felt a lot of frustration from the time they spent trying to figure out what was going on. Thanks for reading 🙂


We are still waiting to get a real integration with QuickBooks since it is useless to bring products into HubSpot if you are not able to use those products for adding line items to a del or even more disturbing is not being able to add these QucikBooks items to a quote. Having to duplicate the work to have these items available in HubSpot makes me question why the costs are so high for a product that can't do the simple integration with a very popular accounting package.


any update on this with Magento? currently we use Unific to import products.


I agree, please add this asap.