Add products created by eCommerce integrations to HubSpot Deals and Quotes

Our Shopify integration currently creates product listings in the Product Library. However, Shopify products cannot be added to deals created in HubSpot that are not syncing to Shopify. Only deals that were created by the Shopify integration can be associated with Shopify products. This applies to products synced over from other ecommerce integrations as well.


If you see value in being able to do this, please upvote and comment below with details on the use case you have for doing this in addition to the Shopify orders sync!

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I agree - let's please add this. Upvote!

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Not being able to add our Shopify products to quotes is a big issue for us right now. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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Here is a little trick that may help some..


Create a draft order in Shopify, then click on the checkout button in the review email you send from shopify. This will create a checkout shopping cart and a "Deal" in shopify.  From here you can grab the deal and assign it to sales rep.       You can't modify the deal, but at least you can track it.