Add products created by E-commerce integrations to HubSpot Deals

Our Shopify integration currently creates product listings in the Product Library. However, Shopify products cannot be added to deals created in HubSpot that are not syncing to Shopify. Only deals that were created by the Shopify integration can be associated with Shopify products. This applies to products synced over from other ecommerce integrations as well.


If you see value in being able to do this, please upvote and comment below with details on the use case you have for doing this in addition to the Shopify orders sync!

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I was surprised to learn this wasn't currently a feature when investigating how I could add the product names and images of products left in a cart. I think it would add enourmous value to the HubSpot - Shopify integration.  Without it, I'm unsure how you could build the type of abandoned cart email that would lead many to buy Hubspot to compliment their use of Shopify. 


If this feature is added, my hope is that it would allow users to:

1)  Build emails that include product titles, images, descriptions and prices of products left in an abandoned cart.

2) Create smart lists for Deals that include specific products or product categories.

3) Decide which deals might be worth a 1-1 nudge or follow up.

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I wouldn't say this was my most pressing priority, but it was nice when it used to work.

As I understand it, it was disabled from the product due to a few issues dealing with Shopify, so I'm assuming there's more to this that just requesting it be instated.

That said, it was quite handy to have.

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We were told upon sign-up that integration of deals and abandoned checkout products was an "out of the box" feature that didn't require any fiddling. 


It's not of value to have an abandoned cart email workflow without being able to customize the email. Customization is at the heart of Hubspot so it seems unaligned with your values to remove this functionality. 


Part of our sales strategy is to follow up based on the products in the deal. We can no longer create these customized workflows. 


For a platform this robust, and the prevalence of Shopify users, you would think this would be a highly sought after integration that would be managed and protected carefully. 


I'm very disappointed that this won't be available after it was touted as a feature. 

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This feature was a big benefit and a primary driver for choosing Hubspot. Please fix this and make it work correctly. Being able to add products to a deal from our Shopify catalog is extremely useful. Also, if Hubspot is going to eliminate key functionality, please notify your customers. Key features disappearing isn't cool.

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Is this on the roadmap?  This is really essential.    Any workarounds?   I was thinking of somehow syncing Shopify products back into HubSpot.

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I agree with ingramleedy.  This is essential to creating a deal.  Ideally we would like to create a deal in Hubspot that eventually we could could turn into a customer within shopify seemlessly.  Seems a bit useless to integrate and then not be able to execute a dea using the product info in shopify.