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We had a party for our customers and made hundreds of pictures. As I wanted to add them to the gallery I had to click each one by one. It would be great if I could add images to a gallery in bulk! 

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I totally agree- seems like an easy module to code- when will this be implemented? Galleries are a big part of our recaps and this is a show stopper.


or at least have Flickr code implementation- I noticed Hubspot uses Flickr for their gallery


I was able to add a Flickr Album to a blog entry - though it is not as easy as I'd like it. Here's how:

1) In Flickr, open the "Share" options for the Album you want to include.

2) Use the Embed code option.

3) In your blog post, open the "source code" window. (The button looks like this on the tool bar: "<>" )

4) Paste the full embed code from Flickr into the source code. 


Note: When you look at your post in the editor, it will look like you've only inserted the first picture from your album -- the gallery controls don't show in the editor. But when you look at the published page, it should work.


If any Hubspot tech people are reading this: It would be nice if you could make this easier... or provided directions on how it works.

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This function is really needed, it's a basic function!


Has anybody who created this module ever tried it out?

Uploading more than 10 photos makes you insane... The procedure is so slow.


Everything could be fixed with 1 simple feature: MULTIPLE SELECTION of images


Also there are issues in how the images are aligned and how they appear in Lightbox


YES this is my nightmare on a daily basis!!! 

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

This feature has been available in HubSpot through our file management tools. Please feel free to elaborate if your needs are not yet addressed.

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Mar 24, 2017 > Mar 25, 2020