Add personalization tokens to form follow up emails using the toolbar

*Submitting on behalf of one of our users* 


When using the follow up email feature built into the forms editor, I would like to be able to add personalization tokens to emails within the User Interface. This can be done manually by using curly brackets and pasting in - example: {{contact.firstname}} 


However, many of our other email rich text fields support the option to click on the little "person icon" to select personalization tokens to add to emails. I would like the this added to the Form Follow up email builder. 


Thank you! 

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Include Tokens in the Form Follow-up email is a must!

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This needs to be included- otherwise there really is no point in sending unpersonalized follow-ups with the nerfed sequencing tool included under the Marketing forms builder. 

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bump, this would be a huge help. No reason to have users go back to personlization token documentation to find the hubl syntax for inserting them.


Bumping this. Absolutly a must.