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Add permission to project

Set unique permission levels on Projects. For the moment, when users have access to the Projects tools, they are able to see all of the projects within the tool.


We need a way to restrict the access levels of users so that they can only access the projects that they own.

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It makes no sense that you assign a Project to a person, yet everyone else with access to Projects can see that Project?!


What is the point of assigning a Project to someone if everyone in the entire org can see the Project and take over.


Yes yes yes! I am begging for this. We use hubspot projects very consistently at my company, but they are full of sensitive data. This limits my ability to give marketing permissions to my employees as I cannot risk them having access to projects, and thus prevents me from delegating work I really should not be doing. 


I agree with the first comment. What is the point of assignees if every other user in the account has access to it?


Agreed! This would be helpful.

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I recently discovered that access to the Projects tool was controlled by access to the Marketing Tools. I'd like to see a separate check box to give out access to projects. I don't need Sales and Service people to have access to Marketing tools. I just want to be able to coordinate with them on projects. To solve for the above use case as well I would imagine something similar to how CRM Object permissions are handled where you can View, Edit and Delete Projects owned by you, your team or everything.


Absolutely agree. I envisage, on a project level, being able to assign view/edit permissions, and on a task level, if a user has not been granted project access, they may only view the tasks they've been assigned to or @-mentioned in.


Agree. We use Projects for different departments and do not need to confuse matters by having everything available to everyone. 


We have an onboarding/training checklist as a Project within our portal that we would assign to new users. However, in order for a project to be assigned to a user, the user must have Marketing Access. We don't necessarily want to give Marketing access to these users but in order to be able to assign the project to them, they must have Marketing Access.


I don't see a reason to lock down projects to tightly for our use case since the tasks identified in the project would require those permissions for the user to complete anyway.


This feature is a must! HubSpot please add ability to make projects private. At minium should be able to filter projects by assignee.