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Add or edit location information on a meeting after it's been created

If a meeting has been created in Hubspot, we should be able to add or edit meeting location information (particularly adding a Zoom link for example) after creation.

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This option would be a great addition to the meeting tool and is definitely missing.


It is really time to improve the meeting feature! We need this.



Please add the feature to change Meeting Location after a meeting has been created.


How in the world was this missed!?!?!  The entire point of a meeting IS the location of the meeting.  Otherwise, it's not a meeting.  Come on Hubspot - make this a UI field and make it editable!!!


I want to track our onsite client visits without creating new tracking measures. they go through various touchpoints and campaigns before the meeting is logged, so the easiest way for us to manage and track these onsite visits is with the meetings we log (our team does so consistently). However, if the meeting is unconfirmed in person or remote in the beginning it isn't logged with a location. Or sometimes it changes. This needs to be editable after the fact so I can then create filters around contact > meeting > logged meeting > in person and therefore tracking our higher quality SQL clients.

It would also help because oftentimes we get referred to others at these meetings and we want to link those referrals to our onsite visits. If the meeting location was editable (and therefore we can ensure 100% correct), then I could link REFERRALS to the prospects with onsite meetings, seeing how those drove other leads. 

Seems like this is an obvious need to be able to edit a logged meetings location. Maybe HubSpot just missed it and hasn't caught it yet?