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Add optional classes to form fields

It would be useful in the form editor to be able to add optional classes to properties you are adding to a form


e.g. I have 2 radio groups on a form, but I want one to appear as a likert scale (horizontal). being able to add a class (say "likert") to the one I want to appear as a likert I could use css to change the direction the radios render on the page.


e.g. I have two textareas on a form and I want to add a character count to one of them. Adding a class to the one I want to target with js to add the character count.


You can currently add a class to the entire form but not the inputs individually.




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+1! I'm aware that HubSpot has integrations with platforms that do offer Likert scales out of the box, but the rest of the form functionality is so useful I don't see the need to pay for an aditional tool. I also like having the information set at the contact level with custom properties. However, having the flexibility on styling would be a huge value-add for us and our users -- we want to make surveys as easy and quick as possible for folks to complete.