Add option to set "Log to CRM" in Outlook to OFF as default

There is no option to set the "Log to CRM" option to unchecked/off as default value when creating a new email in Outlook. This can easily cause users to mistakenly add confidential business partners to the Hubspot CRM contact list, if they are not very careful.


The issue here is that the checkbox for “Log to CRM” will maintain its last know setting, so if the last email you created was with the option enabled it will automatically be enabled for the new email.


Instead there should be an option to make this setting by default OFF so that no confidential clients are mistakenly added to HubSpot CRM.


The logic here is that if you want to track the client you are communicating with you will make sure to select the Log to CRM option. However if you are sending an email to a confidential business partner you should not need to double check that the setting is off for every new email.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi all,


There is a feature (available in all Sales extensions) that allows you to set your Log and Track preferences. The settings you select here will enable/disable your Log/Track boxes each time you compose and email (so that you don't have to check/uncheck every time).  More instructions can be found on the knowledge base - I've linked to our articles below.


Outlook desktop add-in

Chrome extension

Office 365 add-in - please note for this add-in, you will still need to click on the Sales Tools icon in Outlook in order for your log/track preferences to take effect, for each email you compose.