Add option to set "Log to CRM" in Outlook to OFF as default

There is no option to set the "Log to CRM" option to unchecked/off as default value when creating a new email in Outlook. This can easily cause users to mistakenly add confidential business partners to the Hubspot CRM contact list, if they are not very careful.


The issue here is that the checkbox for “Log to CRM” will maintain its last know setting, so if the last email you created was with the option enabled it will automatically be enabled for the new email.


Instead there should be an option to make this setting by default OFF so that no confidential clients are mistakenly added to HubSpot CRM.


The logic here is that if you want to track the client you are communicating with you will make sure to select the Log to CRM option. However if you are sending an email to a confidential business partner you should not need to double check that the setting is off for every new email.

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We use Gmail at the office. For my email, I don't want to log every email to Salesforce. However along the top, when I hover over the "Log in CRM" checkbox and go to "Additional Settings", I uncheck the "Always log email to CRM". That's fine and doesn't automatically check the box. However, the next time I do want to log to CRM and check the box, it always automatically re-checks the "Always Log Email to CRM" button again. Every time.


Is there any way to permanently uncheck this box? I do not want to log to CRM, only when I check that box, and only then.

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This is a critical issue for our company as well. Please implement this ASAP. Thanks. 

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With the HubSpot Gmail integration, we used to have the facility to set the 'default' for the log to crm function to be either on or off.  Now that facility has been sunsetted so the default is always on.


If you send a lot of confidential emails then you would want to set this default as off.


Could this feature be put back?

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It has been explained that inter-company emails (with your domain name) won't be logged regardless, but it's still an issue if you send personal or confidential emails outside of your domain...say to your spouse or a friend. Who now is a customer in hubspot!

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Since I believe that most of the users work with the CRM System and the Outlook/Gmail Plugin with the setting "Log to CRM/Track Email" by default, it so happens that a lot of internal communication is also logged into the system. 


This should be avoided, for example by automatically disabling the tracking whenever an email adress with the company domain is used. 

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Same story here - this is a must for our team before we use Hubspot's email plugin.



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Agree with all comments. This is an important change request. 

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Not sure I can continue with Hubspot without this change. 

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Agree, this is a terrible approach (Hubspot will determine *your* default). It used to keep the setting from the last email sent (at least a bit better). Sadly, I'll have to turn off the Gmail integration if you cannot get this fixed.
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This is a significant problem for our company, it is resulting in the accidental logging of internal emails that are unrelated to sales. We will need to uninstall the extension unless a change is made in the near future.