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Add option to default follow-up tasks to the same task subject



We just went through an effort to get our sales team to use Hubspot tasks to track follow-ups.  We often customize those task subjects + task notes when we create a task.


All of that's great until we need complete a task and create a follow-up (using the automatic follow-up creation per what's under User Preferences).


When that follow up gets created, that customized task subject and task note are dropped entirely, and the new task has a procedurally generated subject line that is not based on the previous customized subject line.


Can an option to default follow up tasks to use the same subject line + notes as their triggering completed task be added?  I have a sales team up in arms over this, and it's making my pitch to get our team consistently logging things in the CRM much, much harder than it needs to be.  Thank you!