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Add offline marketing events to Marketing Calendar

Would be good to add events IRL to the Hubspot marketing calendar so that we can plan comms leading up to a trade show, seminar etc.

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There needs to be the ability to setup our own categories - outside of using "custom" we can't track events like open houses, grand openings, etc. in conjunction with our digital efforts. PLEASE add the option to set own categories for calendar tasks.

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I AGREE!!! This is a simple fix and would be fantastic to keep users in HS to manage more of their marketing efforts. 


This is critical in order to have a well rounded view (HS and offline events) of the Marketing calenar. 


I'd love to see this feature added. Would also be helpful to have the calendar function as a content calendar with tags to denote markets, segments. 


Yes - I wish we could create custom categories for tasks on the marketing calendar instead of just a general "Custom task." 


In person events/tradeshows are a huge part of our marketing efforts. Would love a way for in person events to be part of attribution - on the contact and deal level. Also, tracking attendees we meet with at events to understand which ones are worth attending year over year. Basically, a whole analysis on in-person events (which is seperate from the Marketing Events section since those are webinars that our company would host vs tradeshows where we have a booth at).