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Add more visual cues to HubSpot



I'm no UX designer but I do know this: everything looks the same in HubSpot.


Am I looking at a Contact card?

Am I looking at an Enterprise card?

Wait, is this a Deal?

Wait, what's this Task? Is it a phone call? A To-do?...


Whatever it is, it's always blue text on white background. There is nothing but text letting you know what you're looking at.


I wish there were more visual cues. For instance (this is just an example), if Deal cards had a blue background (for instance), then I'd know it's a Deal and not a Contact, which could have a green background.


I'm spending my day on HS and I feel like I'm continuously looking at the same page.


P.S.: trying to tag this post and I realise you don't even have a "UX" or "Design" tag 😉