Add more supported countries to Calling

Add countries that are not currently listed here to be available for calling to and from with HubSpot Calling:

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I am from Sri Lanka, currently we are using Hubspot Sales Pro. We don't have calling feature. I hope to get this service for Sri Lanka ASAP. Smiley Happy

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Do consider Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

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Hi all, 


We need these countries to be added: 

El Salvador 
República Dominicana 
And also Russia, Dubái and Saudi Arabia
Thank you very much
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We are sales enterprise user. Pls enable Malaysia!

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Please add Philippines to the supported company. Thanks

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We need to call to Uruguay, Egypt and Indonesia. 

How many time do you take to develope Hubspot Calling in a new country?

Who decides which countries have the priority?

Which one is the next?


Thank you

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We would like to add Malaysia on to the list. If not, do give us an alternative as to how to go about this.



My team and I just upgraded to Marketing Pro and we can't place calls from El Salvador.

Please add El Salvador to the list!

Thank you 

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We would love to have calls to Guatemala added to the list of supported countries!

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Hi Hubspot Team,


Please add Philippines on the list of countries supported for talk calling.




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South Africa for sales free calling

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Can you please confirm if Thailand is available for receiving and calling from in Hubspot ?


I have been using Hubspot for many years now and I require this feature to continue using, as many of my new partners / clients are from this region.


Also if someone could please provide an alternative for calling from Thailand in Hubspot browser then it would be very much appreciated 

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Hi there, it would be great to be able to call Iceland!

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Please add Thailand to the list, it's already supported on Twilio, but waiting on it to become available inside Hubspot. 

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Could you please also add Hungary to the list? That would help a lot! Thanks!

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I vouch for this. 

Please consider adding China as a supported country. 

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Indeed, I hope HubSpot will address this asap. At the moment, there is only one African country represented and the only middle eastern country is Israel. Besides the lack of functionality, it gives a negative sentiment to international organisations and teams operating in the regions. 

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Please ad Hungary to this List. 

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Hi All,


I'm just testing out to check the system capabilities and features. But unfortunately, I can't test the Call Log Record for my country. It would be great to have that kind of function available for my phone number. 

Any of you guys know why it's only available for certain countries ? and 

How is the process to make it available for my country "Myanmar" ?


Best !