Add more supported countries to Calling

Add countries that are not currently listed here to be available for calling to and from with Sales Pro Calling:

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I  also want El Salvador to be included in the supported list.

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If the feature doesn't work for all countries it is useless as part of the service will be through hubspot and the rest through other tools while hubspot value resides in centralizing all communication with clients in the same place

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Please add Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belice, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Suriname  and Ecuador into the allowed countries to call. We are urge for these contrieas to be active as we do several business with customers there.



adriemilia Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner

Yes please, bring back Ecuador to the list of supported countries!! Smiley Happy

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I still don't see El Salvador here...

danpatino New Contributor | Gold Partner
New Contributor | Gold Partner



We're a HubSpot Gold Agency Partner, and we have several clients that have leads/clients in Bolivia and Uruguay.


We urgently need this feature in these countries as they're not able to call them currently.


Thank you!


danpatino New Contributor | Gold Partner
New Contributor | Gold Partner

Any plans to update the countries? It would be nice to know if this is being worked on as we have clients asking when will their countries be available.

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Please enable calls to Russia Smiley Happy

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Hi there, 

France (+33) is already supported. 
Unfortunately, overseas French Territories such as Guadeloupe (+590), Martinique (+596), French Guyana (+594) are not yet available. 
Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.22.17 AM.png

Operating in France, it is very frustrating for us to not be able to call a lot of our leads, prospects and clients via Hubsot Sales Pro

Could please make those dialling country code a priority. 

Thank you, 

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Hello i have had to purchase an american line which i have intregrate with your hubspot sales call feture however the line can only call specific countries and not African Countries i am based in Kenya and would like to use the system to call my customers here.