Add more fields to Lead Flow

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The limitation of a maximum of 4 fields on Lead Flow forms is unnecessarily restrictive (and feels arbitrary). Why not let us choose how many fields we want to ask for?


Also - it would be very helpful to flag fields as required OR optional.

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I feel just allowing the forms to tie into Lead Flow would fix this. The other suggestion is to allow surveys to be connected to this Lead Flow. For example, if a page has a high exit rate, offer an opportunity to complete a quick survey where the lead flow hosts the questions.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

@Bromedia in the background a lead flow is actually treated exactly as a HubSpot Form, that's why you're able to use them in list/view segmentation or Workflows (if you're using HubSpot Professional or Enterprise). This means that we can indeed offer the same level of field options as you get with Forms, and it's soemthing that we're working towards. We are currently pushing towards newer designs for lead flows that offer more space and a better experience on mobile, and as part of this we'll be looking to introduce support for more than 4 fields, and also completely custom fields like you get with Forms. Stay tuned Smiley Happy ~Shay

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It would be great to use current client properties like personas or even have hidden fields

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@Shay is crushing it Smiley Very Happy

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I fully agree to Elizabeth-Lui. Hidden fields would save time to setup a workflow.

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Are there any estimations for when we will be able to add more form fields in the flows? For us as a company not being able to add Country makes the lead flows useless, as we're not able to assign the leads geographically to our account managers Smiley Sad

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If we could use existing forms on the lead flows, that would be even better - ideal.

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Hi there, 

it'd be great if you could also make it possible to use drop down fields and multiple line text fields. 
For one of our clients a lot of the emails' languages depend on the country property and that is something I cannot use (yet) in Lead Flows.


Much appreciated!


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It would be great if we could use smart fields, with drop-down and multiple line text fields. And have the possibility to access to reports as developped as the CTAs dashboards.