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Add more conditions to sections in sidebar editing

When creating custom sidebars, you should be able to make the sections conditional on any property value; not just "industry" or "life cycle stage"

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Agreed, I've got a lot of contacts that I segment based on which of our brands they're related to, but there's just as many contacts for whom this segmentation is unnecessary.


Same here. The company lifecycle stage does not work for our business model, but we do go off of company Type, which is our own property. It would be great to group/show properties based on our own custom property.

I considered setting up a workflow to match each company lifecycle stage to one of our company types, but this would fail as soon as some automated action occurs with that company, such as an associated deal being won. The Company Industry property also does not work for us, as again it does not really match our business model. 

The Conditional property grouping was a big selling point onto the Enterprise platform, and is now causing us some issues as we can't even use it. 

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Agreed. It's very limiting to only be able to limit record sidebar section visibility (and therefore property visibility in the about section) by

  • Contacts: Lifecycle stage and Lead status.
  • Companies: Lifecycle stage and Industry.
  • Deals: Deal stage and Deal pipeline.
  • Tickets: Ticket status and Ticket pipeline.

In our case, it means we are populating non-industry data into the industry field in company records as a workaround.

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Upvoted, @MatthewShepherd . The other thread has more upvotes, i would suggest upvoting both:



@MatthewShepherd  Thanks for the nudge! Upvoted all!


Yeah, upvotes for days. 


Conditional sections do not—by definition—feel like an 'enterprise' feature in my opinion.


It's disappointing that this feature is not available to other paid plans given it could improve the object overview experience for businesses of any size that have mildly complex fieldsets.

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Pleeeeaaaaseeee We need this !!!! It is essential that a CRM  provide enough freedom that it can respects our processes !!!!


It would be so helpful to see this implemented and allow businesses to further customise records according to their unique needs and workflows.


Just one small example from my company - there is a set of important information that we need to capture from our Canadian customers and prospects that does not apply to any other country. Being able to create a section that is only visible when the country is set to Canada would allow us to tidy up and streamline the info that is displayed in the sidebar. This is just one example of many we have in our business.

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Agreed this would be really useful - similar to on deal level being able to base it on more than just deal stage, pipeline or team (not discrediting how useful all that is of of course!) - if certain key deal dropdown properties were given, we could customise the view based on deal type / region and so on for extra granularity and relevance

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100% This is a fantastic feature that seems to be only half implemented. Lets get it fully functional!


I'd love to see this one as well. Would like to choose a custom property for tickets.


Much needed on all Objects! Our use case is that we would like to have different sections on the Ticket depending on the Ticket Category. But ideally, we would want the ability to select any Property (including Custom Properties) to make a section conditional. Without this, we end up with many unneccessary sections and properties cluttering up the Tickets (and other Objects)  and the users get confused as to which properties they need to pay attention to or complete. 


Agree totally with Amandafann -  essential on all Objects given the excessive reliance on custom objects caused by general HubSpot limitations! Our use case is also very simple ...  if a Contact/Company is in a specific US State (custom-field) or a UK County (also custom-field) then we want to automatically assign them to a designated sales manager and a designated sub-dealer ... and from the designated sub-dealer to have a dropdown of the employee who will be handling the Deal.  This is just one of several frustrating roadblocks we are facing around successfully implementing HubSpot which is linked to its inability to select any Property (including Custom Properties) to make a section conditional. So like Amanda's situation we end up with many unneccessary sections and properties cluttering up the sidebars and other areas causing users to get confused as to which properties they need to pay attention to or complete. 


Come on HubSpot - surely it's not rocket science ....  and with a bit of focus from your developers I'm sure you can make a lot of your customers very happy and create a better product. The original post is 16 months old so hopefully you are already well-advanced with a solution ??

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Hi all


The ability to display conditional sections on contact, company, deal, ticket, and custom object records based on select property values (all dropdown and checkbox properties - both default and custom) is now available for all HubSpot customers with an Enterprise-tier hub. More details here:


@MatthewShepherd Thank you to you and the Hubspot team for this game-changing update, and thanks to everyone for the upvotes! Excited to start customizing records! 

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Arg - such a pity this is only Enterprise. This really should be in the PRO plan and up!

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At the very least, we need to be able to base it on single text, numbers, etc where a value is present 

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There are work arounds. problem with work arounds is scope creep, clutter, and a slower portal.


Please roll this feature out. I want a card to show when lifecycle is opp and another property is true 🙂