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Add labels to the conversations

Hi, I would like to label my conversations. We deal with different products, sales processes, cs processes using Hubspot and HubSpot chatbot is live on many of our sites. I want to label the conversations based on the inputs provided and easily navigate later for reference like that of Gmail labels. Only open, close isn't helping as of now. Segregating 100 of conversations isn't possible. I was told currently this feature isn't available. Please do provide the option to label or tag my conversations. 

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I can't believe that this is not already a feature.  We make assumptions about products and that was a mistake that I made here


I have to agree. The inability to label conversation is a huge issue. The search tool also doesn't seem to work. I have conversations in my "Assigned To Me" folder, and when I search on words contained in those conversations, the hubspot Search tool doesn't find them. 


Not being able to go back and find old emails (aka conversation) is a huge issue.


Perhaps I'm missing something?


I am new to HubSpot and this is a glaring issue which hopefully with enough traction can be added.


If we have the option to create a customisable label, which in turn creates a data point for Inbox management to be able to report on, this would allow Quality Assurance to be ran each month to see what the commonly faced issues are with system processes.


Please can we push this up the priority list for new functions!


Hi everyone, I suggest adding your votes to these similar ideas if you haven't already done it:

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Maybe they will be merged by the HubSpot product team at some point, but this may increase the possibility of this lacking feature being noticed 💪


I am also looking for a solution where we can label emails for different processes and tasks.


Giving my +1 to this idea. My company really needs this


+1, this is needed.


All companies need this, how is this not a feature 2 years after this post ?


+1 to this feature request.  This is a big gap from competitor ticketing solutions that provide customizable labeling of tickets. 


+1 - we desperately need this as we are scaling, as we are currently unable to report on any common themes to help with our design of self service. 


This is a basic feature that should be available for conversations.
It's been 2 years since the feature was requested. Are you making any improvements to this part of the product? As it seems to be not.

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With the launch of deal tags I'm hoping the exact same feature can be rolled out for conversations. We'd like a more noticeable tag for the website chat (so they can be prioritised) and a deal tag type clone would make this very easy to implement.


Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 8.21.12 AM.png


Here's a link to a video.


Holaa.. ¿Que tal todo?

En este caso lo que se requiero es que los chat/whatsApp se pueda tipificar por medio de prioridad y/o tipos de consulta, de esta manera nos permite conocer las razones y tipo de cliente que nos está solicitando soporte por este canal de comunicación.... ¡Aleluya!




This needs to be implemented. A very simple concept.


Another use case. Multiple forms feeding through to one conversation inbox. There is no obvious description or ID at the conversations level around which form an enquiry even came through on. Really difficult to segment an inbox in any sort of orderly fashion