Add internal chat function


Challenge: when introducing Hubspot to the team, I find there is a challenge whereby people are used to using their emails and therefore spend less time on hubspot and communicating internally on deals. 


Idea: I would like to create an internal conversation within our teams so that we can promote and emphasise action points for marketing on Deals. At the moment, the only way to do this is to 1) add @ comments which get drowned in the notifications that we have; and 2) create tasks which does not quite create a conversation about a deal. 


This could be a proprietary feature within Hubspot or integrate into Teams. I believe Slack is available, however, we do not want to introduce a multitude of tools and apps as this will no doubt confuse the team. 



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A better Teams integration would be great.  Right now all you can really do is have it send notifications to V a channel. 


This is a great idea!

I am also looking for a plugin/ facility already in hubspot to facilitate internal chat within our company - I emphasise internal only ;D

We currently also use slack which we have integrated... Using our exsisting zapier; however slack can be a bit tempermental and to improve its useability we would need to upgrade to a paid plan which is £6/head/month!

It would be great if husbpot could create something similar to slack allowing internal communication, but also with the ability to link deals and have team specific channels conversations etc


Would also be very handy to have so that we can keep our team in HubSpot environment all day.