Add images to csv/excel file for bulk upload

I setup a lot of bulk social for every blog post and every piece of content I create. I would like to be able to link a few different images, IDC if I have to upload them to hubspot first and then grab the hubspot specific link but some way it would be great to NOT need to go through 135 posts and attach an image. 


I do know that you can setup the landing page to have a feature image but the same image repeating would be boring and robotic. Each network for social has different sizes that are suggested and I create canva images to fit each network. It would be helpful to along with the content link allow me to add a image/video/etc link for the visual of the post.

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I would also love to just be able to add images to the bulk upload file too please! It's driving my nuts having to upload, save into drafts then add all 100 images to each post invidudally when I can just grab the link, add it to the excel file and hey presto, it's done. Other social media platforms offer this standard service with the bulk upload.

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We also need this function... please!


Otherwise without it, bulk postings are almost useless. I can't see how anyone wants to use the same image for each post... or going without an image doesn't make for a good strategy either.