Add if/then option to company-based workflows

We're excited to see the new feature for "company-based" workflows, but the beta version currently lacks "if/then" branch option, which we feel is very important.


We are using the deal workflow to train our customers on our software product.  Depending on what "deal stage" we place them into, we're able to track training progress and send them training summaries and, if necessary, training reminders.  We need the if/then to send a "schedule your next training" reminder if there's too big a delay between training sessions.


The reason we want the company-based workflow is to send the emails to all linked contacts.  With our current contact-based workflow we can only send emails to one person.  We believe sending emails to all contacts provides a better on-boarding experience by showing our attentiveness to their training and provides a more "professional" feel for our software.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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It is now possible to add if/then branches to company-based workflows! Please see this article from our Knowledge Base for further information about the available actions in company-based workflows.