Add global filters on contact lists



Hubspot support recommended me to add this feature request on this post  so here it is.


I have a feature request for contact lists: the possibility to add a global filters for all my sets of filters in the list. Basically, it would be to add a single "and" condition that would apply to all the filters I have already included.


For exemple, I made a list to filter my inbound leads. First, I have created my first set with Original sources being inbound and "Has filled" a specific form. I have cloned this set to select all the forms I wanted. In this case, I wish I had the possibility to choose first all the forms I wanted, and then add the original source filter for all these forms. When my list was ready, I realized that some of the people in my list were customers.


As I don't want this list to include customers, I have to add for all my sets of filters the property "lifecycle stage has never been customer". It's not too difficult but it takes some time to add this filter on all sets and it's very redundant.


I could make another lists based on this one and add the "lifecycle stage has never been customer" to make it quickly but I'd like to limit the number of lists we have on the app as it begins to be a mess. 


Thanks in advance for your answers

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