Add form conversion page as a filter for smart lists and segmentation


For various reasons, we have used the same form template for a few scenarios e.g. Webinar signups.


From this, it would be ideal to filter by conversion page that is stored against the form submission to ensure you are emailing the contact the correct content. 


This method has saved us time from not having to create endless forms but would like some more customizability based on the fields that should be available.



Edit: This is aimed at embedded forms on non-Hubspot pages


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Hi Dominic


Would this be for non HubSpot pages? As you can set the page on HubSpot landing pages/CMS pages but I just want to clarify this as this would be helpful for non-Hubspot pages.

Being able to look at embedded forms and understand this better.


Kind regards


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Hi Nicole,


Yeah focusing on non-Hubspot pages was the aim of this.


I'll edit to make that apparent.


Kind regards


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Perhaps if there was an option to choose a URL where the conversion took place .

You can see that data on forms and then there is a report called conversion pages that tells you this - but you cannot see it as a list filter.

Try looking under form analytics for those specific forms. This is found under Forms>Performance.conversion_pages.png


Hi did you find a work around for this @dwhittington ? I'm looking into a similar problem, also for webinars.

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@jassie We opted to use a few hidden fields which would then dictate how the workflow interacted - definitely not ideal but does work when tailoring content from generic forms for various reasons.


For reporting purposes, we used the hidden fields in workflows to add users to static lists for querying and then for the operational side, we've used proxy fields which can be overwritten for small interactions e.g. each time someone submits a webinar for they are registered to zoom and added to a corresponding list (image below).







Thank you for your answer. So basically your flow is the following:


Input form field "event_date" (e.g 12/12 or 4/12) --> Property event_date_temp

Make a list of people with "event_date_temp" is "known" -->List: event-participants


First submission of form:

Check IF "event_date_temp" is equal to 12/12 flag property "event 12/12" 

Make list if property "event 12/12" is known List:  "event 12/12" (or append in 'event property overview')

Enroll all participants of "event 12/12" to Zoom webinar xxx


2nd submission

When same persons subscribes for another event the following should happen.

event_date_temp="Event 04/12" --> Flag property "event 4/12 (or append in "event property overview")Add to list event 04/12 --> Enroll in Zoom-webinar 4/12


Will be a bit of work since we have ±20 event_dates in the same form and some participants tend to subscribe for 10+ of them.


Maybe hijacking a bit this tread but will it be possible to also create a report/dashboard where you can see which dates the events were subscribed? (e.g. 10th december 50x event 12/12 and 11th december 5x 12/12). Like that we can analyse which posts/refferals/emails worked well and gave a boost in specific subscriptions.



We use the same form on all our landing pages that have gated content. it would be nice to know the page where the form was filled so I could reply to the contact using a token that would show the page where the form was filled (which would also give a clue to the general content interest of the contact).   I found a property called "Recent conversion" but the token returns the page title and the form name and I cannot figure out a way to truncate the token so that it returns only the page title.