Add filters or tags for conversion Inbox


Currently, chatboxes are filtered by very "simple" filters.


The person assigned to the chat, the type of chat, the archives.These are good filters, but it's a bit basic.


It should be possible to tag a discussion on a notion of theme in order to be able to analyze later the impact of each theme.


Example: I'd like to see how many questions were asked about the concept of CMS , or the Marketing Hub ?


At the moment, it's impossible to do that... And it is clearly blocking for the analysis of interactions...

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I really like this idea and it would benefit our team as well. We are currently piloting the tool and are already seeing value from it but if we were to expand our trial, we'd need features like this available to help with the investment business case.

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This is a MUST to my Support team! They struggle to let Inbox organized because just have open or closed emails. Can't find by category, can't make reports by type of email, etc.


I am having the same isssue, currently we are using comments to tag conversations, it is painful as everytime a converstion is replied we have to comment (tag) again. This functionality is a must for my team.


This would be very helpful for us to quantify the number of conversations relating to a specific issue.


This is essential to being able to quantify an issue and improve our product or knowledge base.  Please develop this feature!


This would be super useful for us. Searching by keywords right now is very manual, not helpful and brings up mixed results. This feature would make things more precise and less time consuming. A MUST for conversations!


This would be useful for us as well. We can categorize tickets and run reporting on that but nothing on chat, which leaves a hole in our reporting!




A great idea. We have a simular issue since we route all conversations to our Hubspot Inbox and often we get questions, feature reguests etc and it would be great if we could TAG the conversation so we later on can search by TAG og make reports. Most important for us would be to list all conversations based on a spessific TAG.