Add file attachments to marketing mails


Currently only link attachments from the Hubspot data base are supported for marketing mails. Sometimes it would be more appropriate to sent the content already with the mail such that users can access all mail after mail sync without being online. 

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Jun 25, 2021

Hi @Chris_from_So1 


I am the product manager taking over this idea. I would like to say thanks again for the idea and also reiterate that i am happy to jump on a call to sidcuss if you want to DM me. Again this isn't planned for development in the next quarter. So it wall stay as currently not planned. Please feel free to upvote and continue to leave feedback on this thread.





Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
May 25, 2020

Thanks for your comments on the idea. This isn't planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. If you are willing to jump on a call to talk more about this functionality, and your specific use cases send me a direct message. I would love to understand and learn more from you. Please feel free to upvote and continue to leave feedback on this thread.

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This is key.


We are not really using Marketing emails, but are forced to use Transaction Email in order to access the Email API.  We want to use HubSpot to send internal notifications generated from our system. For example, we sell heavy equipment which our For Sale List changes often.  Not like an auction site though, but imagine if it did.  We generate the For Sale List as a PDF personalize for our Salesman and we email to them individual so they can email clients.  Because HubSpot doesn't allow attachments on the email to our internal salesman, we have to maintain two systems.  We simply want to create an email, attach the personalized PDF (has the salesman contact at the top) and then email the sales man.  "Hey Mr. Salesman, attached is the latest For Sale List for you to use".  This saves each Salesman going into the system and generating their own PDF.




This would be a great addition


So neccesary, unbelievable that this is still not possible after so many year. Specially with al the phising emails containing false links.


In my case I want index mails attached with Validsign signatures.


+1 Would love to be able to add attachement to emails sent through automated workflows