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Add file attachments to marketing mails

Currently only link attachments from the Hubspot data base are supported for marketing mails. Sometimes it would be more appropriate to sent the content already with the mail such that users can access all mail after mail sync without being online. 

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Most physicians will not click on the link, so I want to add the attachment as a PDF. Otherwise in these busy times with COVID, they will never click on a link, I'm afraid. 


Also great to have attachments in the Transactional email. 


Totally agree with F-Brito. Important improvement for us! 




i really want to be able to log who i am sending our monthly newsletter to. The newsletter is a attachement which we want to keep as an attachment and not have to use a link to get to it. 





When will this be enabled? HubSpot already has the functionality with emails sent to the contact. Just add a paperclip option for marketing emails too. Phishing is on the rise, nobody is clicking links anymore but they do have software to check attachments.


Aren't there still any plans regarding adding attachements to marketing Mails?


+1 for this issue!

We are coping with the same issue, we want to educate / notify our customers with some usefull insights to take their business to the next level. This would be a lot easier if we were able to add attatchements to our marketing mailings 


+1 for this idea. We use the file's functionality within Hubspot and as you have to set an expiration limit when requesting a public file link we cannot easily send files to users with this link. Currently, we have to request the public file link and then upload the file to an external storage provider, which allows us to then use their public link to share the file - however it'd be much simpler if we could just attach a file via the transactional API using the public link generated from Hubspot as then because the file is attached to the email, it's accessible forever.


Once again, another key feature that is missing.  Seems every day i try and build something for our team I come up against a stupid way Hubspot was implemented.  For me it has nothing to do with marketing, but for Service.  I run a support desk using Hubspot Service, my team have to send a file to our customer upon transitioning a ticket to a new status.  It seems right now the only way to do this is to manually write the email and attach it from within the ticket, I can't automate the process using a Workflow and attachments.  You can even create a file property, but it can only be used in forms for file upload (another bonkers decision), not within the ticket, crazy!!! Really frustrates me that certain functionlity, such as automated emails, are classed as "Marketing" when they can be used for a variety of different functions of the system.


+1 - truly it's a bit frustrating that when HubSpot sends me an invoice, they send an email with the invoice attached, but we aren't able to do the same for our customers who regularly request that as it makes their Accounts Payable process much easier (yes, even easier than using a link).


+1 We also are working on sending invoices via transactional emails and would greatly prefer it that could be included as an attachment using the Single-Send API instead of needing to use a link.


+1 Please give an update on this (or even better implement it)!!


This is a crucial feature that even one of your smaller competitors (SendinBlue) and one of your bigger competitors (Salesforce) and also your general competitor in terms of Mailing (Mailchimp) can do. So basically all of your crucial competitors can do this. So it's a shame that you don't even care to answer on this feature.


Could we at least get an explanation why this standard feature hasn't been implemented since 3 years?

We have almost 200 people who upvoted this. So the demand is there (again probably because this is a standard feature of every Sending Service...)

HubSpot Employee

Hello, just for completeness, I would like to point out that you can send a (transactional) email with attachment via SMTP API ( ). It will be sent via HubSpot's MTA, but not use a HubSpot email template (you need to specify the content of the email directly via API). Email tracking etc. will work just fine.



HubSpot Product Team

Hi @Chris_from_So1 


I am the product manager taking over this idea. I would like to say thanks again for the idea and also reiterate that i am happy to jump on a call to sidcuss if you want to DM me. Again this isn't planned for development in the next quarter. So it wall stay as currently not planned. Please feel free to upvote and continue to leave feedback on this thread.








You have 194 upvotes on this request already, and more come in every month.  What is the magic number that is required before the product team takes a feature request seriously?




Just want to reiterate my support of this idea. My company sends out sample designs to our contractors/agents using Hubspot, and it's a terrible experience right now because the files can't just be attached to the emails. 


+100!!!!  My government customers (especially military) can't click through links. For military, their security has become so tight, I can't do any tracking or sequences otherwise my email never gets through. Everything is done manually through email client and BCC logged.  I need the ability to attach PDFs to templates to speed up the tedious process.