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I would like to see an enhancement that enable being able to capture inbound emails in HubSpot with an "Add Email" button, similar to what Salesforce already has in place for MS Outlook desktop and Office 360. The current Hubspot method to capture email contents is lacking, as we need to reply to the sender (with the bcc email address includes) or forward to the Hubpsot forward address, which is not the best option. We already have two Hubspot ribbon items, one of which seems to have no purpose, so why not have a simple button that allows us to add an email to a contact & company record with the simple click of a ribbon button?

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When you have an old email or a newly received one, the only way to get it into hubspot for the selected email ID is to forward it to the bcc address.  Can I humbly suggest you add a button to either your tool bar or to the right hubspot gmail panel that just adds the email to the selected contact?  It would be more precise and easier.  


BTW-- I like what is there so doesn't seem to bog down gmail and is fairly simple to understand and use compared to other stuff I have used (cirrus).  

Thanks for your consideration!

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Any chance of adding the ability to forward an email to Hubspot from Gmail using the Chrome extension? A single click is much handier than having to look for the forwarding address every time!

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I agree. We are just moving over from another CRM to HubSpot, and upon further research on this functionality, it seems as though all your major (and a good handful of non-major) competitors have this functionality. I am a bit confused to be honest where you give the option to save any sent email as a template, but you don't have a button like this to simply log a missed email?

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Hi all,
I've connected my IMAP mail account to HubSpot.
Primarly, I am using this feature to automatically log received emails.
Typically, I am using a mail client to send emails - I do not send emails through the HubSpot interface.
In order to log these emails I am sending the mail also the HubSpot BCC address.
Unfortunately, sometimes I forget to add the BCC address and the email will not be logged.
It would be great, if I could forward the sent mail to the BCC address to log this email AFTER it has actually been sent.
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Hubspot this is a basic request and I can't believe it is not available yet.


Is there any update regarding this idea?

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When using the gmail for chrome plugin with tracking an logging swithc off allow you to go back in to sent items and save a previously sent email, not as a template, but as an activity to a contact in HubSpot. This can be done in salesfocres

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We would like to do the same thing with Outlook. It would be great if there were the same checkbox option to "Log in CRM" with Sent messages as there is when creating new messages –– eliminating the cut&paste or reforwarding with the BCC address. This question/need comes up frequently among our users!

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Currently, the only way to get an email that is received or previously sent into HubSpot is to forward it manually. This takes so much time.


When rolling over (with cursor) any email address within an email or in a header (to, from, cc, etc) it should update the HubSpot panel/extension to show that email record/Contact within the panel.


Once the Contact is showing in the panel/extension, it should then allow the current showing email to be added to that Contact/email address within HubSpot.


These small usability updates would make choosing which Contact to log an email to much more efficient, and save hours from having to manually forward into HubSpot.


See Cirrus Insight (for Salesforce) which does this sooooo well.




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Hello People


RoloCRM ( may work here.


May help.


In addition to automatically logging customer calls and SMS, RoloCRM also auto logs both incoming and outgoing customer emails.


It may not work for everyone, but please do give it a shot.