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Add email to CRM record button

I would like to see an enhancement that enable being able to capture inbound emails in HubSpot with an "Add Email" button, similar to what Salesforce already has in place for MS Outlook desktop and Office 360. The current Hubspot method to capture email contents is lacking, as we need to reply to the sender (with the bcc email address includes) or forward to the Hubpsot forward address, which is not the best option. We already have two Hubspot ribbon items, one of which seems to have no purpose, so why not have a simple button that allows us to add an email to a contact & company record with the simple click of a ribbon button?

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Hi HubSpot


Our company is new to HubSpot. We came from Pipedrive this summer.


Many things to say, but this functionality is almost as basic as it gets. I do see other in this thread are asking for a status. Please advice so we all know what we can expect for the next release!


HubSpot has (good feature) forward email to HubSpot




BUT why not have essentially the same functionality as a button to push within the HubSpot Sales app (for Outlook)?


e.g. "Store this email in HubSpot" could be a MUCH better UX. 


If contact known, the app would upload the email and associate.


If unknown, invite user to create a new Contact.





Hi @Flora - any news on this? I should've checked before signing up but I presumed this was such a standard thing! (2 other CRM's I've used have had this ability as standard). Thanks.


@Latchy  I love the dedication to comming back to this thread. You haven't posted about it in a while, did you give up at this point? 


The Outlook add-in works very well. However, we miss the function to be able to transfer incoming / outgoing mails to the crm afterwards (if the automatic capture is deactivated).

When I open an e-mail and click on the add-in, all the data for the contact / company is displayed. Here, a button would be great, with which I can subsequently transfer the mail to HubSpot.


Use Case: HubSpot Gmail extension logs out for various reasons (e.g., Chrome updates, new Chrome browser sign-in, laptop restart, switching between Gmail accounts or HubSpot accounts, etc.). I then log back into my Gmail account but forget to log back into the HubSpot Gmail extension. I am now actively sending emails, but HubSpot does not track these emails. Unless I receive a response to the email I have sent, there is no simple way of adding the email to a contact's activity log. The only hack available is to log a manual email to the contact activities. This is time-consuming and has limitations:


  1. Only the content of the email can be easily copied/pasted into the manual email log - the email date and time have to be entered manually.
  2. For emails with multiple contacts, the contact names need to be added to the log individually, which requires searching the "Contacted" input field by typing email addresses. This is especially cumbersome when the email gets delivered to multiple organizations.
  3. The email log can't be linked to the Gmail thread unless the contact responds.
  4. Even if the contact does respond,  the originally sent email content is not captured in the response, meaning the manual email log cannot be merged with the tracked thread. 


There is a community thread for the issue  "Log an email after it is sent"  that suggested the Manual Logging Section supplement BCC or FWD; however, the "accepted solution" does not address the issue (it only fixes FWD or BCC items). Can you add a third email address option to the Manual Logging Section to supplement BCC or FWD? This would allow us to add emails we have already sent to our contacts that weren't initially tracked. 


Please provide a timeline for when this feature is expected to become available. 




This isn't restricted to just those that use the Gmail extension - this is an issue for anyone who logs email in HubSpot and forgets to log before sending. +1

I note this was first raised in Mar 2021:


+1 (million)

HubSpot Employee

Much needed!

HubSpot Employee

Much needed feature


Until Hubspot can consistently stop logging itself out, then this is an absolute must. 


So, nearly 5 years later and this simple feature, one which many, if not most, other CRM systems provide out of the box is not available. I don't want to forward an email I already sent. For that matter, I don't want to forward even an email that was sent to me. I simply want to press a button that then logs the email. Even better if I can log it against a deal! 

The last response from the hubspot product team was in 2020, over three years ago. What is the dev team doing back there?


Still trying to push this to the top of the pile. Is a basic feature of many other tools, so not a difficult development


This feature REALLY needs to be built. It's already something that is available in other CRMs.


I am new to Hubspot this week and this was the feature I first looked to used. I am surprised there is no button to manually log an email. The feature should be added.


You can forward the email to yourself and add it to the company/ contact log by searching and checking the box, and unchecking yourself.


I see that this is in Beta for Gmail and Outlook 365 extensions... Any chance that the Exchange extension is going to feature this?  Seems like Exchange is always left in the dust 😞 


Yay! This works! However, for some reason, when I was logging a sent email, I had to add the contact to the CRM first, then click out of the email, click back in, and then I was able to log it. In my inbox, I was able to just log the email and add the new contact at the same time.



I get the unlogged email from my sent folder and set it up to forward. 

I addresss the TO: address to, where ######## is my HubSpot account number. (I do this so often, I have an email contact with this email address called "FWD HubSpot" so all I usually need to do is type FWD and it comes up. 


I then add 4 lines of text to the body of my email at the very beginning.



I adjust the date, time and subject to correspond to how I want it logged and it looks something like this.

From: Their@email.address
Date: Friday, July 28, 2023 at 10:52 AM
To: My@email.address
Subject: RE: Meeting - Tuesday, July 25th, 2023


I avoid having to type most of this text by using one of these two options:

  • Option A: If the email that I've sent without logging was a response to this person and my response has their original email in the body of my email, I just scroll down and copy it direct from email body and simply adjust the date and time; everything else is just pasted as is.
  • Option B: I find one of their most recent emails, hit FORWARD, copy the 4 fields I want and paste it into the top of the email I'm actually forwarding to I then adjust the date and time, and if necessary, the subject.

Option B has the extra steps of switching from the email I'm actually forwarding, starting another forwarded email only to return to the email I'm not actually forwarding and delete it. I choose to do this over typing everything because I prefer copy/paste to avoid typos and accidentally, creating new contacts in HubSpot. 


If you want the email logged to multiple people, include the email addresses as you would have in your original email or add a CC: line after the FROM: line with the extra addresses. It may only be my HubSpot set up but in my experience BCC: email addresses don't get logged.


In the end, I get the email logged, with the contact(s) I want, with the subject I want, and in the date/time sequence I want. 


I find this works better than copying the email and using the "log email" function for three reasons:

  1. In the end, I have a logged email to which I can respond from within HubSpot
  2. I can log to multiple contacts at once, without opening each contact to paste a "log email" note.
  3. It includes all the  attachments that were part of my original email.

I'm not a developer or coder but I imagine HubSpot's talented people could update the HubSpot plug-ins to automate what I've just described and use readily available information in the non-logged email and my HubSpot account info.