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Add email to CRM record button

I would like to see an enhancement that enable being able to capture inbound emails in HubSpot with an "Add Email" button, similar to what Salesforce already has in place for MS Outlook desktop and Office 360. The current Hubspot method to capture email contents is lacking, as we need to reply to the sender (with the bcc email address includes) or forward to the Hubpsot forward address, which is not the best option. We already have two Hubspot ribbon items, one of which seems to have no purpose, so why not have a simple button that allows us to add an email to a contact & company record with the simple click of a ribbon button?


...and still no progress!


There appears to be no option to log a previously sent email in HubSPot

We are currently using a manual copy / paste option


I also get the feedback from my sales team that this would be highly useful. It is easily forgotten to bcc hubspot, and it would be relatively simple to parse a sent email in a similar way than a received email to automatically associate the contacts in to: and cc instead of from: and cc:


This is essential. 


A user should be able to add an email from sent items if they forgot to add the email when it was sent, and they should be able to select and add emails that have been received.




This is definitely needed to avoid manual logging.


The forward email option is quite useless, as it displays in the contact's record that YOU chose to not track the email.

Also, when you read previously sent emails from Outlook, Hubspot records your opening of a tracked email has been opened by "Someone", even when you've set Hubspot to not track your own domain emails.


We need the function to take an email from Outlook (after it is sent or received) and bring it into the contact's HubSpot record. Key functionality missing from HubSpot.



Any updates on this Hubspot?


Come on guys. Almost 3 years and no change. Salesforce has had this option for years.

It took 2 years for it even to be considered to be "Under Review" by Hubspot.


Is this really still being evaluated from 2018? 

This would be a great workflow feature to capture emails not initially tagged to be added and tracked when sent.


Dear Hubspot, what is the status of this?

I could really use such a functionality.


We recently made the switch from a different CRM package and when I want to link older emails to contacts or deals, the solution is:

- reply to the contact so it gets linked

But I do not want to mail my leads just to link an email.


The workaround I currently use is:

- forward mail to a dummy email address

- lookup dummy contact in Hubsport, change associations to the correct contact

- remove associations with the dummy contact



I think we deserve a status update, Hubspot!

What a rediculous situation where needed functions are ignored for 3 years and you continue to push out functions that someone in Hubspot thinks might be a nice idea that many users don't want. I want a functional CRM that allows me to streamline my sales acitivities, make managing my accounts easier and ideally with no technical issues that your "support" people cannot replicate with the dialing function (that's another story). Then you decide to close for a week because your people are tired. What about your customers whom many are suffering due to COVID restrictions and still working hard to remain employed?



Update here please Hubspot, this is seriously needed


And not just Outlook.  GMail too.  


I'd like to add to this - not just contacts and companies but deals too. Often times I work with people who effect multiple deals but I don't want to add them to the deal. I want the ability to add just an email from them to a deal. Currently this can be accomplished by searching for their contact record, finding the email, and then adding an association to that email only. But why not have this ability right in the Gmail integration? The edit option in tracking only works as long as tracking stays on the email thread. If for any reason tracking stops you lose the edit option. 


Hi HubSpot


Our company is new to HubSpot. We came from Pipedrive this summer.


Many things to say, but this functionality is almost as basic as it gets. I do see other in this thread are asking for a status. Please advice so we all know what we can expect for the next release!


HubSpot has (good feature) forward email to HubSpot




BUT why not have essentially the same functionality as a button to push within the HubSpot Sales app (for Outlook)?


e.g. "Store this email in HubSpot" could be a MUCH better UX. 


If contact known, the app would upload the email and associate.


If unknown, invite user to create a new Contact.





Hi @Flora - any news on this? I should've checked before signing up but I presumed this was such a standard thing! (2 other CRM's I've used have had this ability as standard). Thanks.


@Latchy  I love the dedication to comming back to this thread. You haven't posted about it in a while, did you give up at this point? 


The Outlook add-in works very well. However, we miss the function to be able to transfer incoming / outgoing mails to the crm afterwards (if the automatic capture is deactivated).

When I open an e-mail and click on the add-in, all the data for the contact / company is displayed. Here, a button would be great, with which I can subsequently transfer the mail to HubSpot.