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Add email REPLY button to CRM timeline

Very often as part of an ongoing conversation with a client it's helpful to keep the conversation going by including the entire email thread.


Currently this can only be done through an outside email client like Outlook or Gmail. Why not simply add a "REPLY" option to the actions drop down menu in the timeline for any email in the timeline  AND/OR for any form submission?  


If someone submits an online inquiry form and you see that form in a timeline, I would want to be able to do something like have a workflow and a task to assign me to reply to that inquiry. I could just go to the timeline, find the form submission and click to REPLY to that form submission. Below my signature all of the publicly visible form fields would be listed so their original question is part of the email thread. 


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Totally agree with this!
We have people contacting us through forms, but it's not possible to answer with a quote of their message.

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Kim Nguyen


I also totally agree with this requested functionality!


I also believe it would be quite useful to add Forward functionality if you were going to this.


With more and more CRM’s actually having full inbound and outbound email capabilities, I truly believe this is a minimum feature set to have in HubSpot CRM.


Thank you for considering this!




That's a great further enhancement Danyel on forwarding.   Better yet .....  Reply, Reply All, Forward  as part of that drop down menu for each item in the timeline. 


EVERYONE... please pass a link to this idea to your co-workers and ask them to vote for it as well. This will give the idea some momentum and it should start rising to the top.  Let's get this idea on the radar!!   

HubSpot Product Team

This is currently in beta! 


You just MADE MY DAY!     I do a bit of beta testing on many new features with Hubspot. I did a lot on the Snippets tool. If you would like me to do some testing of this new feature to provide feedback I would be happy to do so. 


This button will be so much useful, I have to be completely honest here. I am doing a bit of testing and working out fine with the email plugins. Thanks for the detailed information about this looking forward to testing this one out. 


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Hardy Singh

AOL Customer Service 


You have made a fabulous change which will definitely help the users. I have also talked with geek squad tech support regarding this change and they are also appreciating this update.


Great update, hope this update brings good changes. I use Hubspot for my business best buy geek squad tech support and it really helped my business to grow.


Hubspot really helped me in my Quickbooks tech support business growth and I really looking forward to this update.

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Just updating this to indicate the ability to reply to emails from CRM timelines is live to all!


Great update and I am waiting to see the great changes in the coming time. I love Hubspot and information provided in it and you can even read my keyword research tool post.


Wonderful post!!! Genuinely loved this kind of post. Although I want much more information on like the precious subject matter