Add deal workflow to marketing campaign

We use campaigns is to keep our workflows, emails, landing pages etc for a particular initiative in a common place for easy of finding, organization and performance checks.


We are an Enterprise marketing account and have started to also use the deal workflows. The problem we are running into is the deal workflow is not able to be added to our campaign. This makes organization challenging across the team.


All workflows should have the same ability to be included in campaigns. Even if it is an internal function with a deal campaign, it still overlaps with the overall process and should be part of the whole picture. 



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I agree -

Our deals are brought in from shopify and we can tag them and organize them -- but, then there's no way to easily reach out with a marketing email to those who have placed orders.


This mystifies me. It would be great to be able to send these beautiful (trackable) hubspot marketing and follow up emails to customers who have placed orders with us -- it's not enough to send them a typed out template -- even though there seems to be no way to do that, either...


I'm pretty disappointed that hubspot doesn't seem to offer this -- it seems fundamental for running an ecommerce if anyone has suggestions (even if it's a new platform), I am all ears.


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@csconnor Your comment is not the same issue that I am reporting. It sounds like you are wanting to trigger a workflow enrollment off of deal properties. You can do this now. I have quite a number of workflows set up to send emails and am also using the Shopify integration with an ecommerce pipeline.


Here is a screenshot of part of a workflow to show you.

There are a number of ways you can enroll in a deal workflow, like using pipeline specific and the deal stage property etc.


This deal workflow feature may still be in beta, but you should be able to request it being turned on for your account. 

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We would really like to use the campaigns to track all activity for a particular activity however we would like to see open deals and sequences associated for this campaign too. Right now it doesn't give us a full picture.