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Add deal properties to email personalization

In emails you can add fields from Contacts and Companies, but not from Deals yet. Adding deal information is critical to setting up internal notifications.

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Hi @angkol, I may be misunderstanding, but in your case this should work a-ok for you. Since you're sending an email to your customer (i.e. a contact in your CRM) you should be able to build an email in the Marketing Email tool (under Marketing > Email) and save it for use in automation (guide here) and then insert a deal token via the normal Insert > Personalisation Token menu. Once the email is published you should be able to add a step to your workflow under the External communication category, "Send email". 


Let me know if I've misunderstood at all. Thanks!


@Shay  I do not have the option to chose a property fro the deal.  Just from contacts, company, office location or subscription type.



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@angkol could you shoot me a mail to and we'll take a look at what you're seeing? It should be there, but there may be something unique about your email that hasn't been taken into consideration. Thanks!

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@Shay  I see the same thing and there is a simple reason for that: a contact can have multiple deals so an email personalization deal token can't be used in a contact automation.


Let me give you an example: 

Contact name = Donald


Donald has 3 deals, each being named "Donald - Red Product", "Donald - Blue Product" and "Donald - Yellow Product".


Now I build an email template to be used for contact based automation, here it is:


Hi {Contact_Name}, 


I am your account manager taking care of your deal {Deal_Name}.






Question: which deal name shall HS use out of the 3? It can't know hence HS has not built deal token at email template.


The above template could be used in a deal based workflow, not in a contact based workflow. But HS has not built that.


Even for deal based workflow, the above email is challenging because which associated contact shall you send the email to? Currently it sends to all.... What we would need is to qualify how each contact is associated to a deal (like in Salesforce). Then you say "send an email to the contact who has role "main client POC".


Hope it helps.




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Appreciate the detailed walk through, @VagaeNatus. This is exactly the reasoning behind these only being supported inside Deal workflows today. I can definitely see how a role-based flag or similar would be useful in this case. cc @bellawu 


In saying that, the additional Deal/Ticket personalisation token options should appear inside the Insert > Personalisation token pop up for any automated email, including ones used inside Contact Workflows, but with a note explaining that they are only supported inside their corresponding workflow type. So what @angkol is seeing is likely an issue rather than a deliberate UI limitation, definitely interested in confirming.


It's necessary use Deal properties in normal emails. Not only in automated emails,

thank you


Even within a Deal workflow with Deal properties, you cannot add the Deal Company to an email. Is there a reason for this?


Super important for us as well. We need to add email conversation directly to deals due the sales add in from outlook. Furthermore we need to add the annex from all emails too.