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Add deal properties to email personalization

In emails you can add fields from Contacts and Companies, but not from Deals yet. Adding deal information is critical to setting up internal notifications.

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Would be awesome!


Deal properties and the attachments too please!  (So a PDF proposal can be included in follow up emails automatically).

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Totally agree this would be really useful - makes sending internal notifications about Deal wins to key people much more productive.


Have had this as a request from a customer this week (we're HubSpot Gold Partner).


Currently all we can do is internally notify staff that a contact had a deal that was Closed, but no actual details of the deal. At best we can provide a link to the contact, and from there staff can check the contact profile to see linked deals.


Ideally we'd like to be able to include the following in an internal notification email (in addition to the usual contact details):

Deal name

Deal URL ie to easily jump into the deal

Deal amount (note: current Contact record has a Recent deal amount, but in the case of a contact being linked with multiple deals this may or may not be the value of the Deal that has recently closed)

Deal closed reason (either Won or Lost)


Potential business impact of adding these fields: encourages other staff (who aren't usually using HubSpot) into the HubSpot ecosystem.

Example: a resource manager who might not otherwise be a HubSpot users gets a notification of a Deal and gets value from the notification. With the Deal URL in the email they can easily jump into the Deal to see details.


Another example: Finance manager gets internal notification of Deal details with URL to quickly check. Allows them to easily allocate in budgets, etc.

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This is one of our top 3 requests too. It would save us an enourmous amount of time.

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We also ran into a situation where deal properties need to be included in workflow emails.


How are you currently handling this? Copy the deal properties to the contact properties? It can get messy quickly...




Would be nice to get this done ASAP. We're planning on using these deal personalization emails for automated updates to the customer about their order. Can't really work or flow smoothly without it. Thanks in advance


Very disappointed after finding out there are no personalization tokens for a deal category. This is essential for our internal workflow process and quite honestly would have been a deal breaker had I known this before we signed up. I really hope this gets addeded very soon.






This would be really useful - sending interal notifications is a key part of our sales process and we are currenlt struggling to make this work in HubSpot. 



I was able to find a work around using Zapier and was able to map the deal fields into email templates. While this was not as straight forward as using the personalization tokens it does work. 




That's very good news to hear. I was wondering if you would kindly give a synopsis of what you had to do in order to accomplish this?

I would appreciate it very much. Thanks


For my situation we needed to send alerts to various internal departments and outside white label program customers when certain requests for analysis were made and returned.


I set up zaps based on a deal stage in our sales pipeline. That stage for is is Market Survey Requested. When the deal goes to this stage it triggers emails to my data dept and to the customer requesting the survey that it was ordered. 


The second type of email I needed to send is when a deal is closed won. I send the details to production so I created a checkbox field on the deal page to send production order.


There are some caviots linking zapier to hubspot. 


For one if you want to use a variable field for the hubspot owner (user) who set up the deal then you have to make a Utility table in Zapier because hubspot only sends an owners ID number over. It won't send the name of the person. So you create the table with the ID that correlates to the persons name so you get "john Smith" in the field and not "1245631"


Secondly, I found that for my date picker fields I was getting a string of numbers also. So in Zapier, you have to format the fields first to change the number strings into and actuall readable date format. This is done with the formating step.


Depending on how steps you need to trigger alerts from you may need to add some extra fields to your deal page. 


I have stuff like:  Survey Request, Send Production Order, Turn Off Alert etc and then just added the steps on the Zap recipe to follow the logic on the deal page so as new information is updated it wouldn't trigger any new zaps.


Dear HubSpot,

You have no idea the amount of trouble and work you are creating for me, and I would assume a lot others, by not having deal properties allowed as customization tokens in email templates. Especially since it seems like such a no-brainer to have as an option.

Please add this functionality as soon as possible.

Much appreciated.


I agree with this! Being able to include deal properties (specifically deal amount) and attachments (like signed contracts) in would really help with internal workflows we are developing to notify all of our depratments of a new client, and the transition from our Sales Pipeline to our Implementation Pipeline.


Hubspot customer here and we need this to be able to consolidate all of our 3rd party email vendors and utilize Hubspot exclusively

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This would be unbelievable and save me so much time. 

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Need this for both external and internal audiences.


Externally, need to be able to pull in properties from the deal record that are relevant to the prospect or customer (Someone is booking a trip or working with a mover, in both cases need to be able to send the quoted or estimated amount [amount + other custom properties living on the deal getting calculated outside of HubSpot], who their account manager is [deal owner], and more in an email.


Internally, need to be able to send sales, account managers, accounting, etc. email notifications when a deal is created or stage has changed WITH the contents of the deal (amount, owner, stage, type, source, associated contact - this isn't even available for filtering at this point - and more) since lots of sales or accounting teams spend the majority of their day outside of HubSpot and/or in other softwares. 


Also would need the workflow to allow reenrollment based on a deal property change solely, but I digress..... 🙂


WE NEED THIS. Right now we cannot send all of our emails through Hubspot. There are about 6,000 emails a month we have to send via a 3rd party, because this feature is not available.



I need the properties I've created in "Deals" to use them in my personnalized email !

It 'is very important to have thise feature quickly.



This feature would add immense value to both our client engagement and internal notifications, and is at the top of my list of requests. Really hoping this functionality can be prioritized soon.


Why was this not implemented when you rolled out "deals"?  It seems like an absolute no-brainer. We overlooked the importance of this feature when switching from Salesforce!