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Add deal properties to email personalization

In emails you can add fields from Contacts and Companies, but not from Deals yet. Adding deal information is critical to setting up internal notifications.

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Agreed. We don't want all following notifications on deals - we want internal notifications for when a deal changes into any of three different stages. We cant trigger the workflow by deal property update, and we can't use these tokens in the internal emails. Disappointing that this isn't there yet.


Yes, we need this! If we can have this, we can make full use of the awesome workflow feature to cut down a lot of communication via emails. 



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This feature is so critical. We're facing a massive API workaround with Mailchimp and Mandrill for exactly this. Is there any indication of a launch date, or a status update?


[EDIT] HubSpot now has a feature available through SalesPro that would make this possible. It required us to use the Sales product and get Beta access to the Deals Workflow feature. Once that feature was available, I built a workflow that said:


When Deal Property ABC is known, copy value into Contact Property XYZ.


Now that the contact property has been populated, we can pull it into the email as a personalized token.




[ORIGINAL] I am floored this feature is not available. We recently switched from using Contact Property data to Deal Property data and this forces us to lose so much of our personalization across the board in critical emails. Please add this!

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this is a brilliant solution and thank you for sharing.


This is not a solution to all the cases. It works only when contacts have one deal (i.e. when using deals is almost useless then). When contacts have multiple deals, you don't want to copy/paste on contact all properties called "deal name 1", "deal name 2", "deal name 3", etc.


Thanks for sharing this workaround and to those replying with their experiences with it. 


Has anyone tried copying the Deal property to a Company property instead? Or would we run into the same issues with the Contact properties?


The workaround dos not works when the contacts have more than one deal, like most of our contacts. We really need deal personalization tokens for marketing emails. 


Surprised this hasn't been pushed live yet.


The fix to include these properties on indivudal sales emails to deals was great, what about Marketing Emails?


Deals are at the core of B2B selling, we truly need the power behind HubSpot to help grow our businesses.

Having this functionality would drastically increase our ability to convert deals to customers.


This would be huge, we have an entire workflow that revolves around deals. It would be great to be able to use deal properties as variables in our marketing emails. 


This capability is absolutely integral to our email marketing plan. Please enable this features asap. Thank you.


This would be great! 

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Yes, please add this feature!

Status aktualisiert zu: Delivered

Hi everyone, wanted to share that this is now possible for automated emails built for deal-based workflows inside of HubSpot. 


Now, when an email is saved for automation, the next time you open the personalisation token window, there will be Deal (and Ticket) tokens available under the Type dropdown inside the pop up window. (might require a refresh of the email editor to get them to show up, an issue we're working on). See image here.


These tokens are currently available within automated emails, which should solve almost every use case mentioned here. Unfortunately it is not possible to use these tokens inside bulk emails (i.e. non-automated emails) or Contact-based workflows as we are unable to be sure of the specific deal that should be referenced to populate the tokens, a limitation mentioned in one of the workarounds above. We hope that this solution sovles for every case, if there are use cases that are not solved we'd encourage a new idea to be posted with the use case described and we'll do our best to find a solution. Thanks again for your feedback everyone. 


A step in the right direction, still not the full functionliaty we need.


Thanks - today I'm gonna seem like a wizard to the sales people.


I'm still unclear how I can send this as an internal notification? 


There are two email options in a deal based workflow.

  1. "Send an internal email notification" - A very limited "subject" and "body" where you're really only allowed to write in sentences with deal tokens. The new token functionality does not help here as you cannot pick a template. You are allowed to say who the email goes to which is nice.
  2. "Send email" - This is where you choose a saved email template but goes to "all contacts associated with the enrolled deals. It will only be sent to up to 100 associated contacts." This clearly isn't it.

So where can I build a real internal email notifcation of a closed won deal? I can't use Deal tokens in Contact based workflows and I can't use a template to send to my internal can someone help here as I am clearly failing to see where a big use case was addressed with this new functionality?

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Hi @spogue, looping in @bellawu who works with the Workflows app itself to clarify what the plan is here to enable fully templated emails for internal notifications, unfortunately I don't know to the answer to that myself.


Thanks @Shay. Looking forward to hearing from you @bellawu. Even a workaround work be nice for this as announcing wins via email is surprisingly hard. 


Agreed.  We sync to SalesForce, so my customer appointment date and time are coming from the Opportunities, and flowing into HubSpot Deals.  I can't send the customer a "here is your appointment time" email as it currently sits.