Add deal properties to email personalization

In emails you can add fields from Contacts and Companies, but not from Deals yet. Adding deal information is critical to setting up internal notifications.

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 This is critical to have when a deal reaches Sold stage in order to notify accounting, operations, and others who must act on the newly sold deal.

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We have the same issue here, and it is liable to make the management team choose a different CRM if I am honest.


Desperate for a fix or workaround for this!


My current potential workaround is to inject crucial information such as unbound deal information into the contact record using existing APIs


"Hi [contact name] you created these deals: [XXXX,XXXX,XXXX] within the last 60 days but did not complete sales process"

Another suggestion which has been made by external advisor here is to use the transactional email functionality, but imo this is tantamount to us sending the email from the API application itself...


There is also at least one  thread on this on the dev pages as well so hopefully it makes its way in soon!

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Any status on this HubSpot? It would be really helpful in our email templates! 

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In our template we need many properties information from deals , BUT actually we are obliging to copy-paste one by one.

If you implent this possibility we can use template efficiently and send many mails with using workflow.

We could save a precious time.

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This is of upmost importance to our use of HubSpot.


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Deal Properties in notification emails will help me send 'Amount" booked. This is a big motivation for the team. 
It is very difficult to "explain" why I can have some information on the email and cant have the rest. It just makes me look bad. 

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I agree with everyone who has posted here.  Being able to get personalized deal tokens is really important.  I'm surprised that Hubspot has not resolved this already.  I hope they take care of this soon. 

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Please add deal description token. 

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I'm really surprised this hasn't been fixed. It needs to be done asap so we can send our customers automated emails using email templates with deal tokens.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

Hi folks -- deal personalization tokens are now in beta for Sales email templates and snippets. If you're interested in signing up for access, please submit your account information here: 


If you are most interested in deal personalization tokens for marketing emails, you can sign up on the form above as well and we will notify you when it becomes available.