Add contacts in smart/static list to Facebook's custom audience list

Currently, when I want to set up a custom audience ( in Facebook, I need to export a list and add into facebook manually. 


It would be useful if we can automatically sync contacts in smart/static lists into Facebook's custom audience. 



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This would indeed be very helpful! Also, it would be helpful for other online channels as well, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

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Yes, this would be a brilliant feature! How soon can you make it happen HubSpot? When's the next update? Looking forward to this a lot!

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@frankschouten @pepshot @Yoshi

This is already possible via


Also, AdWaffle enables to create "Weighted Audiences" on Facebook. Which means that if you have Lead Scoring enabled on HubSpot, it will give more weight to the contacts with the highest Lead Score when creating lookalike audiences. It's pretty powerful.


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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Syncing HubSpot lists to audiences in both Facebook and Google is currently supported.